Tuesday, 15 June 2010

You might have noticed...

That thing are a bit quiet around here - I am not blogging, reading or commenting. Just busy at work and enjoying the soccer.

My mom had her 9th eye operation in two years on Saturday and although it is almost routine for us by now, it still makes for a tiring and difficult day. Not sleeping much the night before does not help either. On Sunday I took my mom and the kids to Foodprint, one of our regular hang-outs. The kids had a lot of fun and granny cheered up a lot. After a nap for all my mom and tow of 3 kids (Little man C just could not), we spent a bit of time outside before I took my mom home and Hunter gave me the evening off to go and have some coffee and cake with my cousin and friend Ananda. Hunter is great with that - he knows when I reach my limits and need a break.

For the rest it's work work work. 


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of our blogging....LOL.
    Have fun doing whatever you doing...

  2. Been away from my pc too the last couple of days!

    Glad that your mum is ok - at least you are close by and able to help out. Hope the sleeping improves this week.


  3. I've been trying to rescue photos from my computer. I think it's on its last leg and I don't want to lose all my pics. I'll be out of town til Sunday so I won't be able to post from today til then either. Enjoy the soccer. My daughter is learning about South Africa this week in summer school. Perfect timing if you ask me.

  4. It is such a busy time of year!!

  5. I've not been blogging a lot lately either. Hoping to pick up the pace now that I'm done with work for the summer and we have a LOT going on in the next few weeks!!


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