Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Way back - 3 years ago.

Today, 3 years ago was the first day of my maternity leave with the boys.
For the previous month I have been going home a bit earlier to nap in the late afternoon but for the first week in September I rushed waddled around completing those last items on the "to do" list. After that week I was put on modified be rest - I was simply too big to move much. So, I thought I would share some facts about the twin pregnancy:
  • I picked up 15 kg (33 pounds) only - I found it hard to eat and went on a high protein diet that Dr Barbie suggested - the babies kept growing well, I lost weight. Great deal.
  • I did preggy yoga until 34 weeks - I believe it is part of why we managed to keep them in so long to get nice and well cooked.
  • The last 6 weeks I could not turn around in bed - Hunter had to take me by the tummy and turn me.
  • He also painted toe nails and shaved my legs - yes I know, sainthood awaits. ( I was advised not to wax due to the high risk pregnancy)
  • I was 3 months short of 39 when the boys were born.
  • I was never nauseous though the whole pregnancy - ok I am sure the schedule 4 meds had something to do with it. We cold not risk dehydration with my kidney problems.
  • I had very light heartburn only 3 times and never even opened the bottle of Gaviscon. C had my tummy pressed as flat as a pancake but I have a tummy valve of steel. 
  • I joined Facebook in those 2 weeks of bedrest.
  • No 42 maternity wear only just fitted in those last 3 weeks.
  • I could hardly walk to the car on the day the boys were born -  felt as if L was falling out.
  • I ate an extra small meal usually consisting of rusks and milo round 1 almost each morning through the pregnancy - then I watched " In the Womb, Multiples.
  • My stunning hairdresser had my mom pic up professional colour from her to colour my hair in those last 3 weeks as I was too big to sit down for long enough at a salon.
  • I measured as big with the twins at 28 weeks as I was with the Princess at 38 weeks.
  • The last two weeks  I was constantly sore - my skin actually started to tear.
  • I only had Braxton Hicks contractions 4 times in the last week. Never in the rest of the pregnancy.
  • I craved tomatoes. In any form. Also Steers soft serve ice-cream - what the hec,  I still crave that ice-cream.
  • I got physiotherapy for the back pain and wore a preggy support belt.
  • I also had a craving for coffee - uno problemo.


  1. Love this post. Might do the same on my blog sometime! LOL. I can so relate with those last few weeks. Hubs had to pull me up (no muscles there to help myself) and my ankles were swollen up so bad I did not want to look at them anymore. Whenever I climbed stairs or just walk to the kitchen to snack on something, I was so winded I had to lie down! I'm so glad it is all over!

  2. I LOVE your preggy pics! YOu are looking tired in the last few :)

    I can't imagine how big I'd have gotten if I went further than 32 weeks - I already felt like a whale then and had only put on 10,9 kg.

    P.S. I've been looking for that mag everywhere and can't find it!!!

  3. Sjoe! This post brought back memories of how uncomfortable I was just carting one squishy around mid-summer, I can't imagine how it must have felt with two!

  4. Oh, I liked this post. I always like knowing how other multiple mom's pregnancy went.

  5. Great post! Wow! The things you have to go through as a mom...
    Great to have those pics :D

  6. I loved reading more about your pregnancy...and it is so good to write this down and know that you can read it anytime in the future.

  7. great post and what a fun look back!!

  8. Wow! It must have been wonderful doing this post and remembering everything. So impressed you managed to "cook" your kidlets for so long! :)

  9. Sjoe... As ek so lees klink dit swangerskap kan nogal daunting wees. Om 10 of 15 kg op te tel is regtig nie baie nie... Of hoe?

  10. WOAH! LOL thats a lotta tummy :)


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