Thursday, 2 September 2010


When Cat chose Old for this week I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding something old, as there are so many unused and discarded equipment round our farm.  The question was finding the right one.  This is the electrics and odometer from an ancient grader on our farm.  I almost think that it would look better as a black and white photo - but i took it in colour.

I think it looks great in colour with the rich rust colours one could possibly miss in black and white.
I picked old/antique for his week as Shayne's picture of last week had that feel to it. I was planning to get my Dad's old single lens reflex camera out and taking a picture of it, but never got around to it. So I am recycling this one. Taken at Van Gaalen Cheese farm this skeleton of a piano is just so sad - all dusty and broken. I can imagine how it used to be played years ago - maybe in a bar  - I can see the cowboys and can-can girls or similar in the Johannesburg mine canteens. It just has personality.
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  1. Love it. The dust and the forlornness of it all. Great job, am loving the depth of field too. Great topic as well.

  2. Great photo's the old theme and the way you both took your photo's.

  3. Beautiful photos! Cat yours has such an old worldly feel and I love the colour.

  4. Fantastic shots, both of them...they capture the theme perfectly, well done!


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