Thursday, 4 November 2010

Loving at the moment

I have a lot on my mind at the moment and something I am writing a post about. It is just not developing as I want it too, maybe I am too close yet to put words to it.Today, a month before my birthday, I am feeling rather fragile. Maybe reading and finishing my Deon Meyer book into the early morning hours was not such a great idea.

So, how about some lighter moments - thing I am loving at the moment.
  1. Summer rain - I love rain, the smell, the sounds the freshness in the air. That special smell just after it started to rain.
  2. Longer daylight hours and playtime after work outside with the kids. Yesterday they water coloured on the patio until almost 6:30 and dinner time.
  3. Watermelon. This year they seem to be so wonderfully sweet so early in the season. The sugary sweetness of it all.
  4. The promise of special events and some treats in the weekends to follow after Hunter's exams are done next week.
  5. Book launch season - I love attending these - in fact we both love it. I attended Deon Meyer's , Hunter attended Johan Bakkes' last week and tonight I am meeting Marita van der Vyfer at her book launch.I have been an admirer of her for ages.
  6. New prospects - the Princess is so excited about going to her new school next year. On Saturday we will be attending a special welcome day where she will meet her new teacher and class mates.
  7. Summer sandals - I truly have no idea how men go  through the whole day at the office in closed, hot shoes. I am so glad that it is socially acceptable to wear cool, open shoes for a woman.
  8. Cool summer dresses and skirts. At the moment I am loving feeling feminine and fresh in pretty summer gear.
  9. Cadbury's chocolate eclair pops - truly, I am not going to buy them again -I am addicted.
  10. The most awesome salads at Isabella's. On Monday my BFF Hesti and I had lunch there - my word, I had a new one and it was just as stunning as the previous time. This time I had gorgonzola, roasted honeyed nuts and pears in red wine salad. 
So what are your current favorites?


  1. Ag ou Cat... hoop jy voel gou beter x

    My gunsteling is ook al die vars en "crisp" dinge wat 'n warm somer dag ophelder... Ek LOVE komkommer geure. Ek gebruik 'n woolies badreeks... wat net so vir my ruik! Dan ky jy sjampoo ook wat so lekker vars ruik

  2. We bought a watermelon the other day and it was amazing. Kiara and I finished it :)

    I am loving the thunderstorms - they scare me but I love them anyway :)

  3. Oh yes, I agree with you on all of these things...loving it!

  4. Great list!
    That book launches really sounds very cool! I haven't been to one in ages :-(

  5. I envy your weather. We are headed into the dark days of winter:-(

  6. I am also loving the delicious watermelons, and cannot wait to get my hands on some litchis and mangos. My favourite thing about sumer is definitely the food.

  7. I need to get my hands on some watermelon...although not as urgently as last year this time.

  8. that salad sounds delicious!!

    And yes, I love sandals, too. I had a hard time putting mine away this year and putting socks and 'real' shoes back on as fall came. Now we're already facing snow this weekend. :-( Blah to winter!

  9. Oh....feeling jealous that summer is on it's way for you.

    I have missed you, friend. I so know you feel in your first paragraph. There were too many of those things in my life for about a year. Keep working at it. It will come and if it doesn't you will come to terms with it and decide you didn't really want to comment on it anyway.

  10. Stunning list my friend!

    Yes, loving the summer rain - the smell afterwards just fills my soul!

    No watermelon our way - still waiting patiently. Have pigged out on strawberries & blueberries tho.

    Happy Friday xxx


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