Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I guess we are actually grown-ups with grown -up lives.

We seldom go out at night alone. I know we should have more date nights, but sometimes life just slips by. The past week and this one was quite a change from the usual. We have been out a lot!  It is so good to spend time alone with H.

On Saturday night the 27th of November we attended an event which I now have found out some believe to be the annual party event in Pretoria - the annual Decadent event - this year was Decadent Africa. It was a night of indulgence and over the top everything. From free neck and shoulder massages to entertainment by "3 Tons of Fun" and the Black Tie ensemble. The food was all African and the vibe was great with views over Pretoria's city centre.Every section of the rooftop area was decorated in a different style and truly magnificent. We were both dressed to fit the theme, but believe me, we were very understated in dressing - there was some way over the top stuff.

On Tuesday the 30th we had our annual office end of year function. We had dinner at the Dros in Menlyn Park where the food was great, but the service was shocking. We the proceeded to the Barnyard theater across the mall to watch "Nitefever" - the general Barnyard offering of fun and music.I ordered cupcake from the Cupcake Lady and oh my word, they were beyond delicious and a huge hit with all. We had some Creme brulee ones and secret center chocolates. Everybody was still talking about them the next day.
 Then on Friday night Hunter treated me to dinner at Cynthia's. We have never been there before but it is one of Pretoria's grand old restaurants. It was truly the most magnificent treat! If I need to single out a dish, it would be my started of baked brie with fruit and nuts. Hunter's main course of duck was truly stunning too. All in all, a great experience.

:Last night was our last Bookclub for the year and our Christmas dinner. It was, as per usual, a lot of fun.

Tonight, we are meeting my cousins from Komatipport for some sushi and on Friday night we have our own little celebration planned.

Busy indeed, but having fun. As grownups should.


  1. Enjoy all your parties!

    It sounds like fun :)

  2. I'm sorry i've been MIA.

    Haven't been online much.

    I'm even sorrier that i didn't contact you on Sat - i lose track of dates coz i'm at home.

    I will call you tom.

    Love the pic of you & H. And yes, isn't it divine to have timeout with our men?

  3. Grown-up fun! Sounds great!
    I need some of it as well :D

  4. Sometimes, it doesn't suck to be a grown up:-)

  5. How fabulous!
    It sounds wonderful to be getting out like that :)

  6. I'm going to be honest with you. I'm more than a little envious right now. Any of those dates sounds like heaven and so adult! I miss these type of events.

  7. So good that you got out together...i know you NEEDED that! We haven't been out much lately alone either and it really caught up with us recently. After a couple rough and stressful weeks, we knew we had to make plans to get out alone. Thankfully it worked out to have my parents watch the kids so we could do dinner and a movie. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and had no cares that we had to wait an hour for a was nice to talk and not be in a rush!!

    Those cupcakes look DIVINE!! I wish I could grab one out of the computer!! (wouldn't that be something? ha!)

  8. Our adults should have a bit of fun once in a while ;)
    Glad to see that you are enjoying yourself in this busy time and yes, Angel's cupcakes is ALWAYS devine. I see that you got the chocolate balls inbetween the cupcakes from Woolworths. Also nice.

  9. The lovely thing about these "alone" dates is that it makes you feel young again;-D


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