Monday, 28 February 2011

I guess I can remember

this weekend for the disaster yesterday was. For the tired and upset kids, for the frustration we both felt. Including this morning. Gosh, sometimes parenting brings out the worst in me. I really am not finding this an easy job.

But rather, I will remember this weekend for a good evening at the Spur on Friday and the great morning at the Boeremark, for the proteas the Princess got as a gift. For the kids water painting with daddy on Saturday morning and playing in the tent on Saturday evening. For the Princess' joy and wonder in seeing Tangled 3D, for the great nap Hunter and the boys had while we were at the movies. For the Princess' wise decision not to spend her birthday money right now and to think a bit more about it. And for the great little "just the two of us" braai we had on Saturday night.

Although I think I hardly sugar coat our lives and admit to the tough times, today and in future, I will strive for the positive, I will choose to remember the good times. I will strive to make more of those golden moments. Because the fallout of the bad times is too much -they tend to take over the whole remembrance of the day. I need to move forward. I choose joy. I choose laughter.


  1. Oh my gosh - you want to mail me?

    We have those too - every family does I am sure. And it is so easy to allow those moments to overshadow the great ones, good on you for choosing otherwise.

    Parenting is flippin hard. I'm still reeling slightly after my 'talking to' I had on Saturday!


  2. HUGS my friend!!!

    I know this feeling well!

  3. Life is always a combination of good and bad, right or wrong, happy or sad and we can choose to focus on the negative or choose to focus on the positive. Focusing on the latter and choosing to be happy is the best thing we can do for ourselves or we’ll all be depressed lunatics on the verge of nervous breakdowns. What you are doing is healthy and I hope whatever got you down this weekend we’ll be a distant memory soon.

    I’m in total agreement with you ~ this parenting thing is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!

  4. Oh dear, Cat!

    I don't mind if you don't sugar coat things :)

    Hope there are bright and happy moments - lots of them - this week

  5. Everybody have those moments! Anybody telling you otherwise are not being truthful. I've time and again found myself looking back to when they were younger and I know sometimes I felt overwhelmed and under appreciated, but we pulled through and after the fact I can't even remember the bad! That is also why I prefer to focus on the lighter side of life. We always have that choice!

  6. Parenting is not for sissies! I love your positive attitude and choice to be joyful and happy...but remember, sometimes it is good to get it off your chest too.


  7. Focusing on the good helps you deal with the bad:-)

  8. ;-) Happiness and sugar is a choice! And then you could muster so many good points! Well done

    We are all there, you know!
    Tomorrow the sun shines again... in Parentville!
    Sending strength!

  9. ((hugs)) sounds so familiar, but loving that you can find the good things that happened

  10. I had one of those crazy mommy mornings today and have felt bad about it ever since.

    Like you I'll try to remember the better choices I made. The good times we shared today. I will not allow a bad mommy moment to overshadow my entire day.

  11. Hopefully you know that you are NOT alone in the struggles of parenthood. it is NOT an easy job - there are many days/weeks/stretches where I feel like anyone would do a better job than I am doing with my children...

    I hope you can take some time to catch your breath, regroup and know that it WILL get better.

    Hang in there friend...

  12. ((HUGS))Parenthood is the toughest job there is.

  13. There you go...chin up...that's the spirit. :-)

  14. I too was at the Boeremark on Saturday morning, very early though.
    Parenting is never easy - that I agree


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