Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It was a quiet weekend

and we were in desperate need of one after our previous hectic weekend.

On Friday afternoon I went to pick up the Boy's Engen puppies - at last with the help of many people we had another two cards done and Jessie and Ellie joined Bella as part of our family.

Our Friday evening plan for a family dinner out was canceled by a terrible accident blocking most routes between Pretoria and Joburg. And maybe it was a good thing as by 6:45 I had
one little boy sleeping on the couch,
one little Princess half asleep watching DVD and
one boy bathing his plastic animals (and Woody). Poor Hunter stayed at work and then got involved in a crises to boot.

Saturday morning was quiet relaxed and the Princess had her friend K over for a play date. We visited the Hazel Food market  for the first time - it was lovely. Much to eat, place for the kids to play and I got some lovely gerberas for the home, at the same price as at the Boeremark. At R20 a bunch (5 to 7 stems depending on flower size) a steal!

Not to mention the french style crepe with nutella and a very tasty (albeit rather hot) bunny chow. After some play time, all the kids (including our little guest) went down for a nap. The poor Princess had the cold the boys sported over the week and was not feeling herself 100%.
Hunter left mid afternoon for a short trip to the bush and returned mid morning on Sunday. In the meantime we spent a lot of time playing outside, baking and decorating cupcakes

and I had an early evening because I felt the family cold now brewing in my head.

After the whole family had a great afternoon nap, we had KFC on a picnic blanket at our local play park with an early evening once again.

Yesterday I went home early - I have a terrible cold and went to sleep it off. Today I feel much better - by no means cured, but just a bit better.

I also took Little man L for an evaluation by and Occupational therapist this morning. I do not know much yet as she spent close on one and a half hours with him and 2 minutes with me, but we will get a report next week. I am feeling positive that we have taken a step towards helping him and she has assured me that she will be able to assist him in progressing on par.


  1. Glad you had a quieter weekend but sorry to hear you were still fighting some germs in your household.

    Good luck with OT...we have a prescription from Jacob's neurologist for another round of PT and now OT too...gotta call on that soon.

    And I just have to say...it looks like someone threw up on that cupcake! ha!

  2. Hope all the colds are beaten by now! Love the sleeping photos.
    What is Engen puppies? Did I miss something?

  3. Yup, tell more about the Engen puppies?

    Looks like it was just what the doc ordered. If i don't have a quiet weekend every so often i have a mini-breakdown!

    Gorgeous gerberas!

  4. Weekends like this recharges the batteries. So glad for you...hoping that you will get over the cold real quick.

  5. I gotta smile at what you call 'a quiet weekend' - its all relative I suppose, specially when you have a house full of young children!

    Love the way you tell your story with wonderful pics!

    Here's hoping with you for a good report for Little Man L, and that the coldbugs depart from your family fast.

  6. Tell me, is the Hazel Food Market the same as the Boeremark?

  7. @Blackhuff - Nope two very different markets, but both worth the visit.

    @Shayne, @ Momagain@40 Engen has a promotion in their Quick shops - you get a stamp for every R20 spent. You stick them on to a card - when the card is full, you get a cute puppy.

  8. Love the photo's of sleeping children and those Engen puppies are super cute!

    I hope you guys ALL feel better soon :)

  9. Hope you all feel better soon!

    I love those flowers. Beautiful

  10. I'm gonna have to do a lot of shopping at Engen to get 3 x pups for my lil ones :)
    Love the sound of your weekend... apart from the headcold bit. hope you're 100% now x

  11. WE also madly saving for the Engen pup ;-)

    beautiful pics - those flowers are gorgeous, the colours sjoe!

    sounds like a lovely chilled time. You have been quiet....hope all is well in your world. :-)


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