Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Antoher great weekend camping.

This weekend we camped with our friends S and I and the kidlets in the Pilansberg game reserve - our first camp with friends. Imagine 4 adults, 6 kids between 18 months and 7 years. Busy, but fun. We did not see anything super special - the usual great game, but the kids had the greatest of fun. Even while driving back, C started throwing a small tantrum pleading to go camping very soon again. I think Hunter had a great birthday in one of his favorite places.

I also got the chance on Saturday evening to see Andre Rieu in concert in the Sun City Superbowl.It was truly a magnificent concert and occasion and I really enjoyed it so much. Hubby and our friends saw to the kids while I met my mom and a friend of hers at the concert.

As always, the photos speak louder than words, so the highlights in pictures:

Our campsite from the back

Our campsite early morning from the front.

C running to the Mankwe hide.

Plenty of elephants as per usuall

I always like the wise old giraffes.

Our precious rhinos.
Red crested barbet

A yellow crested barbet in camp.

While the dads were busy finishing pitching the camp, we moms took the kidlets for some fun time at the pool.
A taking miss T for a swim.
And my best picture of the weekend:
Water lilies at Mankwe hide


  1. So glad you had a great time camping, I know my hubby would love to go camping but I keep saying NO!! hehe

    I want to also tell you that your photo's are so clear and so well taken, you are getting better and better...well seeing the angles you come up with.

  2. I was just thinking "ooooh, NICE shot of the boys" and then I scrolled down and you wrote the same thing.

    LOVE all the pics.

    Just this weekend the friends we were with said they want to go camping = he LOVES it but she is like me, a girl made for comfort :)

  3. I just adore teh water lily pic - it is amazing! well done.

    Looks like you guys had an amazing time.

    Is that a chocolate brownie posing as hubby's birthday cake?


  4. LOL! Shayne, it is a chocolate Tinkies. I really took the easy way out - Marcia would have loved it.

  5. Some stunning pics! I love the Pilansberg - dont love camping so much though!

  6. So laughing right now. Didn't see anything unusual? Giraffes and elephants near your camp site? That's pretty spectacular in my book. I LOVE your photos of the trip. They show so much!

  7. I couldn't be more envious of you and this trip than I am. WOW!

  8. looks fabulous! love that pic of your lil man running down the boardwalk. The animals look awesome too - my kids would be so fascinated to see these animals outside of a zoo.

    Once again so jealous of the summer weather there - we just got tons of snow and ice again here...sooo wishing for spring and summer!

  9. You're right, photos do speak very loudly. I loved this post, and I "almost" felt like I was on vacation myself...except I'm not...but I wish I was.
    All in all, it looked like a great time was had by all.
    And your little guy's glasses are too cute!

  10. That's the perfect way to camp - at a cool place with cool friends! Love all the pictures! :)

    WW: Creative Play

  11. Nice to see that you had so nice weather with the camping. And looks like you had a ball. Great stuff. Nice pictures also

  12. Great pics. I love the one of C running on the bridge.

    Looks like a fun weekend was had by all.

  13. Love all the pictures and you look so VERY organised!! :-)

  14. Oh wow...your pics are stunning and i am super jealous!

  15. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing weekend.

  16. It looks like a super weekend camping! (I also want to go camping in the Pilansberg!)
    Your photos are stunning!

  17. I love your photo's especially the one with the giraffe. It looks like you guys had an awesome weekend! I love the Pilansberg :)

  18. Wow...your water lily is stunning. I love your photos...takes me back many years to a time when our kids were still kids and we went camping regularly...I miss those days.

  19. Beautiful photos - that looks like soooo much fun!!

  20. My your are organised with your camping!!

  21. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the birds!


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