Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Birthday my love

My love,

The many reasons I love you will challenge the amount of stars in the sky
So to highlight just a few is  challenge
But just so that you know why
You help me keep my balance

You are the instigator of many games and fun
From riding a quad bike to participating in the run
You are the glue that bind
Our little family in kind

You are my rock
You are my hope
You are the very reason I cope

I love you to no end.

May your year be blessed beyond words.


  1. You're a poet too?

    A woman of many talents!

    Love the pic - you look so young and full of fun (ie NAUGHTY!)

    Happy birthday to H - hope he had a wonderful day. xx

  2. Such a sweet post. Happy, happy Birthday to your Hunter.

  3. That's lovely! Happy Birthday to your hubby...I hope he had a great day.

  4. how wonderful! Hope he had a fabulous birthday! He's a lucky man to have you!

  5. So sweet! I hope he has a great birthday:-)

  6. I daresay that hug and captured image of it is a perfect segue into an extraordinarily blessed year for your man. :)

    Happy Happy Birthday to Him!

  7. Same day as my hubby :-) Good men :-)

    Stunning post Cat!

  8. Very special! Great photo! Happy Bday to him! :D

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband :)

  10. Happy Birthday, H!

    Cat, love the poem and the happy pic!

  11. You make such a beautiful couple...
    Happy birthday to your hubby.


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