Thursday, 24 March 2011

So how's it going with the SID thing...

someone asked me the other day. Not the first of the blogger friends to ask. Well, I think we are making some progress. Maybe it just feels that way because we are learning more about him and understanding more about what makes him "tick."
  • The Occupational therapy is going well. He runs to his therapist with joy and laughs through the half an hour he spends there. She said to me today that she feels that he is already concentrating better and that she can understand his pronunciation better as she thinks he is talking better.
  • The little isolation tent/nest has turned out to be a winner - he uses it regularly and it has made our mornings a whole lot better.
  • At school the teacher reports that he is at least now sitting at his chair and doing tasks as the rest o the class. That is a huge step forward.
  • "The Out -of -Sync child" has finally arrived from Kalahari and I have started reading it. Hunter is also going to.
  • I have made contact with an organization that gives seminars for parents about SID a few times a year. They will email me for the next one.
  • We try to incorporate some of the stuff the Occupational therapist do at home and it is helping a lot.
  • We are also exploring other options to help him like horse riding and swimming.
  • He is definitely getting better at sitting and doing something for instance play-do and drawing/colouring .
  • We are not making progress in the potty training department - so we might enlist the help of a play therapist that calls herself the potty specialist.
  • The part that is really getting us down though, is the sleeping. C is actually a worse sleeper - in the sense that he wakes up about 50% of the nights, come to out room and sleep on the little mattress we put out at the foot of our bed. But in all honesty, some nights I do not even wake up when he comes. So that is fine. But L.... and I only now realize that this is typically SID child, struggles to fall asleep some times, but wakes up some nights ( once to twice a week), totally unable to sleep again. He talks, he plays he wriggles around. He is 100% awake. Last night was another one of those, following on Saturday night. I saw that Tertia got a weighted blanket for her SID boy, and after reading a lot of  great reviews on it being a sleep saver have decided to order one. Really , we need to sleep.Very badly. And as from tonight, regardless of what sleep gurus say, we are taking him downstairs and letting him play, preferably in his tent and hopefully we can get some sleep.
So, all in all we have some improvements and are hoping for way more. Now if we can only get this sleep thing going and the no-nappies thing.


  1. It is wonderful to hear that progress is made. I feel for you where the lack of sleep is concerned. I hope you sleep well tonight my friend.

  2. Yay for making progress. I hope you get to have great sleep soon.

  3. It's great when it all starts coming together. Our contrarian is on a high at the moment and it feels so good.

    Hope the blanket has the desired effect.

  4. I'm glad that the help you're getting is actually helping. Good luck with the sleeping.

  5. I love the details - thanks for the update.

    Here's praying for LOTS of sleep for you.

  6. I am glad you are seeing some progress and starting to understand some things better. A lot of it "clicks" when you have an idea what is going on. I hope you find The Out of Sync Child to be even more helpful.

    good idea on the weighted blanket - I hope it works like magic!

  7. So glad to read you are going to get a weighted blanket!! We have seen a difference in the amount of times Kim gets up now that she has one. Its not a cure all for us though and some of the issues come from a non-SID place too.

    We find Kim's weighted vest( even as homemade as it is) is sooooo beneficial to her. When she is bouncing off the walls and I am like,"What is up?" I will realize,"Oh, we didn't put her vest on."

    Its a whole different world dealing SID, we are getting the hang of it also. It almost seems 'normal' now...almost (;

  8. Sounds very positive!!! Glad the therapy is showing visible results!

  9. Sjoe you sure have your hands full. Thanks so much for sharing, I know so little about this so it's wonderful to read the updates and learn with you.


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