Friday, 4 March 2011

Just popping in for a quick hallo.

What I absolutely love about the blogging world is the positive way in which we encourage each other.Thanks for all the support, emails and messages yesterday. The encouragement and prayers are much appreciated. Can you believe it that Tertia's was the first blog I have ever read and that I never read the SID posts! She has much to share.

We had the school's annual fun run last night at the Princess' school - I can not believe that it all went so well./ She ran and ran for a solid hour - the boys ran and walked for most of the time. Everyone had a ball and was dead tired (and slept through) by the time we got home.

The weekend is busy - in a few minutes I am leaving to be ballet mommy for today and most of tomorrow. This afternoon is the Princess' dress rehearsal for her first full ballet concert, tonight, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night are shows. And tomorrow morning is another birthday party, which she will just attend for an hour.

Sunday is going to be very peaceful and low-key. It has to be.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Is that 3 shows she's in for ballet? Wow, that's huge! Caitlin has to do two shows for her ballet concerts, I think a third would do us in. I whinge, but we love it all of course, as I'm sure you and your gorgeous girl will!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your quiet Sunday :-)

  2. And that is what I too like about the blogging world - people encouraging each other.
    Glad you could come right with someone's blog regarding SID.
    A good weekend to you too :)

  3. Have a wonderful weekend and remember to breathe deeply and relax and recharge the batteries..


  4. Oh, I'm so glad you found out what is going on with the little guy! I'm like you in that I prefer to know what is going on and getting all the information I can.

  5. I read your post about your son with SID. I am glad you got your answer so you can help him. I have never heard of the disorder before but I am always happy to encourage and be a friend if you need a shoulder.

  6. Hope your Sunday turned out that way :-)

  7. Hope Sunday was as chilled as you'd planned.
    Awesome that Tertia knows about SIDS! :) I remember those posts now that you've mentioned it.

  8. I hope the ballet concert was a huge success :)


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