Monday, 11 April 2011

I think we had a better weekend

In terms of things just being a bit less edgy. Maybe I was just a bit less edgy.

On Friday afternoons we usually have a sweet treat after school as we are in general home an hour earlier. This Friday I tried caramel crispies cones - the kids loved it way more that the marshmallow rice crispie cakes I made the previous week. We had homemade chicken burgers for dinner and the Princess played Disney faerie games while we looked at our photo book.

Oh Saturday morning daddy did some errands and
Someone got a haircut and blow wave
Someone got his new glasses after he choose his new frames himself last week. Yes, they are the very same Fisher Price glasses, just another colour.
And someone did nothing special but loved visiting granny after the shops because
Everybody got a Kinder egg at granny's

After dropping the boys at home with dad for a nap, the Princess and I set of to the shops for some needed retail - winter clothes for C, some for her and for her to spend her birthday money (yes, she actually waited 3 months). After a visit to our local playpark we had pizza for dinner and all the boys got a haircut from me.

On Sunday morning my hubby let me sleep-in. I slept until they returned from church at 10! (You can tell sleeping has not been the greatest in our home). After that I quickly ran to our local shops to get some prints made for my MIL as Hunter flew to PE today. The rest of the day was spent quietly at home with all 3 kids napping in the afternoon. We also made 3 meals for the week and ended it off with a walk in the neighbourhood and a braai.

Maybe it is because Hunter gave me a lot of time off that I feel it's been a better weekend, but truly, I feel we had fun, the kids napped, it was good. Sleep however, remains a disaster. It has been almost a week since L slept through. Last night was well, a nightmare.Somewhere between 10 and 12 the Princess had a nightmare and I went outside to take the washing off as it started to rain. Hunter had to get up at 4 for his flight to PE for his Oupa's funeral - (due to heavy mist, they had to land in another city and indeed he has missed the funeral service. Damn!) - just before that both boys woke up and that was the end of sleep for us despite me dosing them with a shot of Stopayne last night. I am indeed already tired.

A better weekend Makes my Monday (although the lasck of sleep doesn't)
Playing along with Cheryl.
So how was your weekend? 

Edit to add: Hunter's plane landed in East London. He is on his way to PE with other passengers via rental car and should make it to the graveside part of the funeral.


  1. That morning sleep in is what did it! Honestly it recharges the battery like nothing else!!!

    Glad it was a better weekend :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I also classify sleep as the biggest prize! ;-)
    Sorry to hear that Hunter missed the funeral! Hope the rest of the week are much better with regards sleeping!

  3. Bummer that Hunter missed the funeral, but yeah for getting to sleep in. I love your Friday afternoon tradition, I think everyone needs one ;)

  4. Why do we all love SUGAR so much....
    Stunning photo's once again...

  5. Bummer on the funeral but yeah on sleeping in:-)

  6. Love your photos!! The sprinkled cripsy cones look so yummy! Totally have to try those! Your son's glasses are adorable! Very handsome boy! Yeah for sleeping in!! Sleep does wonder for the body and soul!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! So glad you did so I can follow your adventures! Your family is gorgeous! Take care, Andrea @ The Mays Twins

  7. My husband saw the photo of caramel rice crispy things and is now demanding I make them. Clearly he shares his taste preference with children

  8. Those look like a very yummy and fun treat. :)

  9. Love the princess hairdo and how spoiled you are for sleeping in!

  10. I'm glad you got some well deserved rest!

    Those cones look yummy by the way.

  11. Those cones look delicious!!! yum!! I'm glad the overall weekend was better and how sweet of Hunter to let you sleep in Sunday. I'm so sorry he missed the funeral. How sad. :-(

    April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month to Autism.

  12. Oh Sweet Cat. So thankful things are looking up for you. LOVE the photos (as always) and the sweet baby blue glasses! Such a doll.

    Thank you for Making My Monday.

  13. Eish.... strongs to you on the lack of sleep. I am NOT good without sleep.... I think my kids know this on some subconscious level ;)
    I do hope your hubby made it in time for the burial x

  14. Gorgeous photos and those yummy ricekrispie mallows! I would not be able to function without enough sleep...there is a good reason for using sleep deprivation as a torture tactic.


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