Thursday, 22 September 2011

DO you want your grandchildren to see a rhino in the wild?

Well, if you do, you need to act today and help out! Almost 300 rhinos have been poached this year and at this rate, we will have none left by 2030.

Today is World Rhino day and we as a family feel passionate about this. And many other conservation efforts. It makes me incredibly sad that these amazing creatures are so brutally hunted down for their horns.SO what can you do?

Got to and have a look - donate money, just spread the word or buy a wristband or keyring. Visit our parks and have your children as aware as possible on their level of comprehension. From our side as a family, Hunter does some very practical support via an organization he is part of and we are trying our best to get the wristbands for sale in shopping centres and outlets.But you can buy from the website too - let's make this the fashion statement of the year.

We as citizens of the world can step in and help. And see this again (Photo taken on the Boys' birthday last year in the Pilansberg Park)
BTW - I have removed Disqus from my site - it still shows there but they say it can take up to 48 hours. I have just noticed more and more page views and less and less comments. I do hope I have not "broken" my site. I love to answer back - will miss that. So keep the comments coming. Was Disqus a problem for you?


  1. One must just be careful who you donate to...according to 50/50 there is a lot of scams going around.

  2. @526350ebf642a2873ae5bbb618e71f90 True - but this site and the people involved I refer to here are the real thing. They work closely with Jacaranda 94.7 and the Parks

  3. Linda-Maree Denholm22 September 2011 at 16:36

    Very important message mom loved wild life and her favourite animal of all was the I have a soft spot for anyone/organisation trying to ensure their survival....Will go and donate to try and help the cause - Lots of love

  4. The rhino thing distresses me completely. 

  5. The poaching of rhinos make me very sad! Thanks for taking up the topic!
    I cxomplained about Disqus before...

  6. Well said.... a Rhino horn belongs in one place only.... on a rhino :0)

  7. Glad you posted the link - I'm never sure who's genuine or who's just trying to make a bit of money.  

  8. @de49fb438b3abf558a8ba5bd76a3e84c Trying to figure out which blog is yours? Can you help? Would love to visit.


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