Monday, 19 September 2011

Eish, it's been a busy few days

Yes, it's a bullet post!
  • You know, I love going to conferences and the such - it acts a 3 way plus - you network, you get inspired (hopefully) and you get a break from the usual routine. For me, this one was good - in all ways but for missing my kids and getting home later than usual and having to rely on  Hunter, Lucy and my mom to fill the gaps. But now I have a bit of work to catch up on, and much more. I will blog a bit about some of the great speakers etc
  • I am totally in love with the Gautrain and the whole idea of it. It runs like clockwork and so clean and effective. 
  • We had a busy but fun weekend - on Saturday we attended the big fundraiser of the Princess school the morning, followed by an unplanned and much extended visit with friends and late afternoon - originally just to drop off the Princess for a sleepover. Tamiya  and company dropped by to collect some of our millions of silk worms. The 4 boys played so well together - and it was super great to see L right in at the action. It was great meeting her and little A1.
  • On Sunday I went to Pilates class at 9 - I am just a wee bit stiff, but the rest went well. I then finalized the boys' party at the venue and bought the sweets etc and after picking up the Princess we had a quiet afternoon at home followed by an extended drive to my mom's (to let the kidlets sleep) and a short visit. We ended off the evening with a braai.
  • I am slowly hammering away at my list for September, but sadly, I already know some targets will not be made.
  • One big one however has been achieved - the Boys are back in their own room and apart from last night, which was a "Total sleep failure" night with Little man L it has gone really well. I know he will have these from time to time but we are getting less and less of them. The main thing is, they are loving their room and sleeping in it. The magic? New duvet covers with cars etc on - will post a photo.
  • Last night, we put our feet down and let them tidy the downstairs play are before bed time. There was much complaining, but it did get done - and well done to boot! I am seriously considering moving this all (or most) upstairs.
  • I have a lot to do this week in preparation for the boys' birthday - only the cakes are essential, but the rest will be fun and pretty -so I am planning to do it in the spirit of "The Happiness project" I am making the most of it. 
  • I am going to enroll the Princess to help with some of it - I am sure that involving her as much as possible might keep the jealousy away. 
  • And joy of joys - I am on the Living and Loving blogroll. Great honour to be associated with the brilliant mag.


  1. Congrats on being added to the Living and Loving blogroll.  That's really awesome.  

  2. Busy times for you it seems!  How much fun planning a party.  You must post loads of pics of that!

  3. I never thought of conferences like you do - that it is a change from the usual routine. That is a great way to think about conferences. 
    I too know that complaining so well - where the kids need to tidy up and they complain more than actually doing the work.
    Well done for the association on that mag's blog. So happy for you

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way about conferences - love them!

    Don't stress about the list - did you not get more done than if you'd not made it? :) Anything is better than nothing.

    Glad the boys are back in their room - can't wait to see pics of the new bedding!

    So excited about your party planning :)

    And congrats on the blogroll thing - hmmm, do you think they forgot me? :) HAHAHAHA

  5. yay on the L&L blogroll - yay you!

    And i'm so keen to try the Gautrain! Why does tha dratted thing have to be so far away from me?

    Let's not even get started on the mess issue - i'll be here all night.


  6. I have being trying to comment from my work PC but it wont let me :-(

    You are busy...jeepers! And yay for party planning...always my favourite thing to do!

  7. Lists scare me;-)

    Congrats on being on the Living and Loving blogroll...that is awesome.

  8. Magic new duvet covers. Love it!

    Well done on being listed on the blog roll.

    I love party planning. Enjoy it!


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