Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Random randomness

The next couple of days are going to be super busy so I may not be reading much and writing less.

  • From this afternoon I am attending (most of - I am not doing the evening socials and tours today) the National Shopping Centre Congress in Sandton. It's my game - retail, and it is good to stay informed and network a bit. Also good for our clients to see me there.
  • Do not fear - I have some blogging entertainment scheduled.
  • I am going to travel with the Gautrain - very excited about that as it will be my first trip his afternoon but it must be the most sensible (time wise) travel for me. (For the overseas friends - the Gautrain is a new speed train between Pretoria, Johannesburg and the International Airport.
  • We have a million silkwurms once again but other than last year when the Princess parted reluctantly with her babies, this year, she keenly shares. I think the amount of work with huge monsters at the end of last year had paid off. Anyone for wurms?
  • We had our very first summer rainstorm last night -  not much rain, a tiny bit of hail but lots of thunder and lightening. Now the renewing of nature is in full swing. Hope the dust and pollen settles soon - the allergies are driving me bonkers.
  • The boys have now been back into their room for 3 nights - all 3 have been good considering circumstances - L has a cold, on Monday he hurt his finger at school and was crying with pain at 11. But then settled in and slept right through. Last night our first thunderstorm woke up C and he came to sleep on the mattress in our room. L slept right through it all to come to our room just before 5 this morning. The Princess and I put new duvet covers on their beds on Sunday evening and they are very excited about their "new room". I am hugely excited about having our room to ourselves again.
  • Little man C's Crocodile
    Little man L's Lion
  • The Boys' party - a low key event organized only now (and it is next Saturday!) is almost done - venue booked (I have to have a look at it this weekend), party packs and favors bought, invites sent. The little packs for the school party has also been bought. Now to buy sweeties and fill, bake cupcakes for the school and two cakes for the party and we are done. I have used the two above for their animal alter egos for the day.
  • Lucy is back today and out of hospital. She does have a check up on Friday. I kid you not - this thing has just made this year a not so happy one for us all.
So, what's happening at your side of the world?


  1. Enjoy the Gautrain ride. 
    Blogging entertainment? Cool!
    The dreaded silk worms - my oldest did not bring them home - yet ...
    We too experienced the rain. I woke up at 21h50 to hear and see the lightning/thunder. Then I realised my washing is on the lines. Went outside to quickly get it off - 15 min later and it was raining :) 
    I also heard my neighbor storming outside to get her washing off the lines as well :)

  2. LOL! Popped in to see a friend the other day, and lo and behold - there were a box of silk worms on her dining room table.  I had a good giggle, as I haven't seen them in AGES!  Hope you enjoyed your trip on the Gautrain!

  3. I love the animal "alter egos" for your party!  I might have to think on that for our girls' 3rd in January.  Hope you have a great trip!

  4. Woohoo - your comment box loaded!  Now i've forgotten what I wanted to say ;)

    I can only hope that the Summer Thunderstorms arrive here soon - DH is already panicing about the state of our water.  We always seem to need more.

    No silkworms here - i guess I should be grateful for that?

    And dying to hear about your trip on the Gautrain x

  5. We eventually got a lot of rain at about 3:00 in the excited!

    And how was the train...pretty cool hey?

  6. I love how marleen was SLEEPING at 9:50 - that only happens around here if I'm sick :)

    I would love to be a commuter on the Gautrain - I'm quite jealous of the PTA people at work who whiz to work and get shuttled from Rosebank to our offices :)

    My side of the world is good - kids are being so cute lately it's unreal - let me quickly blog and then I need to do some work :)

  7. I hope your boys have an awesome birthday party next Saturday.

    I'm going on my first Gautrain trip tomorrow, can't wait :)

  8. @fff3b21ae2acf2344b6c2bd5d2e54f78 I am totally impressed with the Gautrain and how helpful everybody was and how smooth and efficiently it all runs. Enjoy!

  9. Hmm, wish you had some time and we could meet up for coffee in Sandton... we'll have to organise that again!

  10. Jenty  Would have been great to see you, but the program is super tight.

  11. Can you believe, I cannot access your blog from work :-( I am still reading tho...on my phone ":-)

    How awesome is that train???

  12. Nice alter egos, looks like it will be a great party. Hope the Gautrain was fun and that things aren't tooo hectic for you...

  13. @9d02a2fdd611e62d563994b71a94e55f I am totally sold on the train! Totally!


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