Tuesday, 25 October 2011

And just like that!

Disqus is gone! At last I emailed their help desk, who first showed me that Disqus was in fact working properly on my blog and then helped me to remove it. So it's gone! So Blogger, please give us a way to comment on our comments and I will be a happy person. The main reason for removing it remains that a lot of bloggers have told me that they struggle to comment or that Disqus takes ages to load. With 45 pageviews for a post and only 8 comments, I can believe it's true! So here goes people - now is the time to emerge from your quietness and comment to heart's content. No more excuses - it's de-lurk day.!


  1. Woohoo! Even though I'm not fond of Blogger itself, I do prefer this commenting system to the Disqus one.

    Hopefully now I'll comment a lot more too :D

  2. I really liked Disqus. It worked so well for me and loaded so fast. Perhaps it is just my fast internet connection then ;)

  3. Don't scream but... I loved Disqus (after the initial problems) because all I do is click click and my comment's posted.

    BTW those stats are like mine and I just think they're normal.... between 50 - 60 page views gets about 9 comments.

    The gall bladder post got 23 comments from 105 views (so I like to think people care about me - hahahaha)


  4. Yahoo!

    I can comment again.

    I generally get 15 comments on 35 views - so i think disqus was hampering your commenters.

    glad things are back to normal.

  5. I had the same issues with DISQUS but loved that I was able to communicate with my readers through them (it's the major drawback to Blogger if readers don't use their email addys)


  7. @Marcia - I really miss Disqus but really, I do miss Shayne and Chomps etc more.

  8. I never had a hassle with Disqus and commenting here but its not the first time I've heard that others have (didn't know it was specifically from Blogger though).

    Anyway, here's my first non-Disqus comment on your blog :)

  9. Congratulations on finally shaking it!


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