Thursday, 24 November 2011

In other parts ot the world, today is Thanksgiving.

And although it is not observed here and we have none of the history attached, I love the idea of a day to say thanks, To be thankful. We had a particularly harsh year this year - lots and lots of thing and stress to absorb, and therefore, making a list as to what I am thankful for, is even more meaningful. For us, it is also at the end of the year - both calender and school wise.

  1. My wonderful, dear super supportive husband without who I can not imagine my life as it is.
  2. My beautiful Princess who is kind, understanding and such a good girl for her age. For her huge need to be recognized.
  3. My little man C who has blossomed this year in school and is just doing so well. For his huge need to be loved.
  4. My little man L who has really developed totally beyond all expectations and comprehension this year. For his huge need to be understood.
  5. For Lucy being healthy again - her health issues has been a huge strain on us all, even more on herself I suspect.
  6. For my mom, who has helped where she can with the practicalities in our lives.
  7. For my MIL and FIL for their unconditional understanding and support.
  8. For our ever so patient, ever so understanding and ever so loving puppies. You girls rock.
  9. For the wonderful and understanding teachers, OT and Play therapist that my kids were blessed with this year.
  10. For our house, despite possibly being too small, still the place where I feel home and loved most.
  11. For the business that has survived the toughest year since I am an owner. It's been a leaner year, but it still provides for us and the others that work for us.
  12. For hubby's work - although stressful , a good job never the less.
  13. For our cars, that despite not being the newest, still runs smooth and takes us where we want to be.
  14. For you, my blogging friends, who in the midst of a year of friendship turmoil have shown me fantastic support and love.You know who you are.
  15. And for my Father above without whom I would not have survived this year. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all - wherever you are.


  1. I love the list you have compiled for what you are thankful for and how you have joined in the Spirit of their Holiday by doing this. So cool of you.

  2. Wonderful post my friend.

    Good to write these things down so we don't forget, hey? And never take for granted xx

  3. Great post. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Beautiful list, Cat! Thank you for joining us in the spirit of Thanksgiving! :)

  5. I love this post! I always say I should do something like this but never do - I think I'll start that gratitude journal today :)

  6. What a beautiful list and life to be thankful for! Glad you shared in this with us today, even though its not Thanksgiving in your corner of the world today.

  7. I also love the idea of a day to say thank you. I often get reminded of how much I have however I don't give thanks often enough I don't think.

    Lovely post :)

  8. Such a stunning list and so many blessings to count...and thanks to the Father above that holds it all together when we no longer can.


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