Sunday, 27 November 2011

It's been a rather BIG weekend for us.

Yes dear readers, I am THAT mom - the one that couldn't potty train one of her kids. The mom that got a Play therapist involved to do it - well, the mind part, and then with huge help from the hubby actually forced the little man out of his nappies. For the last 7 weeks, no 1 had been going stellar. No 2 has been more of an issue - in fact, I spent hours (literally) in the bathroom with Little man L to get him to do those no 2's. Talking to him, having his Dino do no 2's with big high fives thereafter. It has been totally exhausting. There was some crying involved by both of us.

Then, on Saturday, he casually walked to the downstairs loo, got on it and did his no 2. I saw him by chance, and man, did we make a big thing out of it! I was hopeful, but scared of that one odd bit of progress that might just regress. But yesterday, he did it twice. In the same, quiet way. We had MacDonalds for dinner - a small celebration.

The long and short of the story is that we as moms tend to always feel so incredibly easily like failures. I beat myself up on this one - boy, I did. I mean what is wrong with me that I can not potty train my kid. Really? Then when I read that SID kids do potty train with great difficulty, I relaxed a bit but when the OT indicated that she thinks it is a mind issue and not a body issue, and we got the Play therapist involved, I really felt the urge to get this done. I mean, he on his way to turn 4 at the time. The fact that his therapy was at that stage between the two of them amounting to almost a R1 000 a week certainly played a part.

So yes, we all sometimes need to be a bit less tough on ourselves - but boy, does it feel great when we reach that milestone! We threw away all potties yesterday - just to get it out of the way. Over kedovers! Done.

And this really really Makes my Monday - no heavens, it makes my year!

Playing along with Cheryl.


  1. this is huge!!!!

    well done, L :) and what a relief!

    Since the twins, I've decided they actually do things just the way they want.

    After being so intentional about all this preschool stuff, do you know what Connor said to me yesterday??? He wants to go to school!!!!!

    Kendra said, "no thank you" :_)


  2. Yay!!!
    And well done.
    Now you can enjoy your new family status of being "nappy free" :)

  3. Congratulations! Big big milestone!
    We just celebrated our milestone of being nappy free last week. What a pleasure to not think about carrying a nappy bag with us anymore...

  4. Congratulations on that big break! You sound very relieved indeed :)

  5. Congratulations!!! I'm getting jealous of all the successful potty training stories I'm reading today. I hear boys take a bit longer, so I'm trying to hold out for when the boys are really ready. I think DH and I are thinking right after the Christmas holidays we'll work on it in earnest.

  6. That sure is BIG and WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you and your little one. Yay!

  7. A big Yay going up here! What a wonderful milestone and what a wonderful achievement for L to do this all quietly and on his own terms.


  8. Holy heavens, that is a CONSUMMATE Monday Maker! Congratulations to you ALL!!!!

    Such a huge mile marker....thank you for such a celebratory Makes My Monday, Cat!

  9. yahoo and congratulations!

    Well done to little man L.

    Money well spent I'd say xx

  10. That's fantastic! Congrats to your little man on the massive milestone.

  11. woo hoo!!!! Yeah for that big milestone and accomplishment!!

    My Adam, while not yet 3, is so stubborn against the potty. He has NO interest in it whatsoever and refuses to sit on the potty, stand by the potty or go at all. He is not interested in underwear at all either. Who knows when we'll be out of diapers here!

  12. Congrats! I'm nervous about this potty training thing. It seems difficult!

  13. @acidicice What I can tell you was that the other two were both really easy.


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