Friday, 27 January 2012

Gee, its been a week and a half!

Busy, busy, busy. At work things are positively crazy with my big project for the next 18 months in full swing this week. I discovered exactly why the iPad is such a total hit this week - well in terms of entertainment I could always see the appeal, in terms of work it has astounded me. If I did not have my iPad with me yesterday I would have had so much more to do today at the office. A huge time saver! And in my fast paced very visual industry it is fast becomming a must have item. And iCloud - I just love it.

On the school front I feel comfortable with what the Boys will be doing this year. Apart from the activities they were doing last year we are delighted with the new ones added. Obviously the most important of all is to continue with Mr L's OT this year. They will be continuing with their Junisport - a general sport ans gymnastics program. We have added Mikimaths and swimming to their program. We believe that swimming is a life skill so this is essential to us. In addition, yes folks, my boys are starting with rugby! They had their first training session yesterday and had so much fun. So we thought that was it. Then on Tuesday their teacher approached me when I picked them up - it seems that Mr C is incredibly interested in the pottery classes, so much so that he can not rip himself away from it. And we know that for a SID kid pottery can only be beneficial, so we enrolled them both. Busy programmes, but every activity is at school apart from the swimming where they get collected from school and delivered back.

Coping with extra mural activities for the Princess proved to be more of a challenge. Being a Primary school and offering.a huge amount of activities means you have to phone or find out from the coaches etc when the activities are and try to co ordinate the lot yourself. Her request was simple - continue with her ballet and the netball which she enjoyed so much last year. The ballet is was already sorted last year, but getting the times for netball proofed a challenge but at the end her teacher pointed me to the grade 1 coach who gave me times and days. So then we proceed to book swimming ( which to us as parents are a given) - then the glitch. She had to pass an evaluation to qualify to swim with the school coaches and to be allocated a group. Yesterday she passed it! I was so proud at how hard she tried and with how much determination she did it. She would love to do hockey but the season has not started yet and the times and days have not been set. So when she was not chosen for the choir we decided to offer her speach and drama. I think she would enjoy it but I also believe it is a confidence booster. She is forever acting out roles at home so it could be just what she would love. And being a great speaker is certainly a plus in today's business world.

The weekend is a busy one for our Princess - they have ballet practice as they prepare for their big yearly production, every Saturday until mid March, to be followed by a witch themed party. On Sunday we have. A family birthday celebration around lunch time.

So how was your week and what does the weekend hold for you?Oh yes, and this was my first ipad post!


  1. Why do you have to find out the dates/times etc? We get a newsletter at the beginning of each term with the days and times of the sports offered.

    Then once a week we get an update of the coming weeks matches and if anything has changed.

    It makes my life so much easier.

    Even the mini soccer and cricket which were done by the dads last year were on the time tables!!!

    My week has been chaotic :-/

    1. The schools website is being re- launched so they only have the stuff on that is happening in the first two weeks - as has the newsletter. But netball and drama only starts in week 3- so I guess it is just a temporary issue

  2. Wow...the thought of keeping all those activities straight makes my head spin! But they all sound like such wonderful opportunities. And I agree with you about swimming.

    On my list for next dig into activities for the kiddos. I want to explore a music program, gymnastics, and swimming. I don't think we'll take on more than one at a time, but I know it will be really good for the girls (and me) to get involved in something like that.

    Hope you get a chance to catch your breath this weekend! :)

  3. I read this and I think I don't have the energy for all this :)

    The iPad is growing on me but not so much to write a post this way yet lol

    Pse take pics of the rugby. That sounds so cute!!!!

  4. Busy times! Not sure what Caitlyn will be doing when she starts Year 1 on the 22nd of Feb when she turns 5, but we'll probably just let her settle for a bit first before we book anything (except swimming which she will continue with). Bianca will be doing gymnastics, swimming and cheerleading and once the netball season starts netball. She'll probably continue with her guitar lessons which is during school time with her teacher from last year.

    The pottery sounds like it could be fun :-)

  5. Sjoe. Am also still trying to co-ordinate all of this stuff. Hopefully we'll have it ALL sorted by the end of the week.

  6. Luckily all those activities are at the school or you'd have to clone yourself just to get everyone everywhere!

  7. Congratulations on your first iPad post;-)

    You have quite a schedule going there with your three...and that would have me tired even before the week starts. Good going and good luck...I know that you will enjoy the ride.

  8. wow! That is a LOT going on with the kids but it sounds great that so much of it is coordinated and included within their school day. That's definitely not the way here. J&S are doing gymnastics again right now (posting about it tomorrow actually!) and we plan to do swimming in the spring again). Not sure what our summer activities hold for them yet. Likely swimming and maybe tball again or more gymnastics?

  9. You sure are busy. Glad to hear that you have a project for the next 18 months, which is totally awesome.
    Great going on your iPad post - looks good.

  10. Busy! Whew!
    You are going to run/taxi around!

    Good luck! I started Mieka with ballet and swimming as well! :D (Luckily it is during the school day!)

  11. The great thing is no, I am not! Apart from the ballet, which my mom does - it's their "thing" all else is at the school and she goes from aftercare to all on the school site. The boys are the same.


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