Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2011 Favorites

Yes, I know 2011 is loooong gone, but I have been compiling this little list which just grew and grew and well, finished or not, here they are:

Favorite songs: Adele - Rolling in the deep
                          Elvis Blue - Hallelujah (cover of the old Leonard Cohen song)
Drink: Non -alcoholic - Lime & soda, Alcoholic - gin & dry lemon
Food: I grew a rather irrational love for hummus and taramosalata
Movie: New Years eve
TV programme: Celebrity apprentice but a year of very little TV in general
Gadget: My iphone - I totally adore it
I phone application: Instagram
Ringtone: The overture from Big Blue
Book: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls - read my review here.
Clothes shop: Big Blue
Coffee shop haunt/alone time hiding place: Zafferanos in Groenkloof.
Beauty product: Annique's  green roiibos resque cream - really awesome stuff for any irritation from pimples to rashes to insect bites and Tanquil body treats hand mousse which cured my winters hands.
Night out with hubby: The night we spent alone in big five country doing our bit for our rhinos' conservation.
Break away from home/holiday: Our recent one in Mtunzini - the first time ever that the kids were so easy and we had no need to do the usual "be thankful for the holiday speech". It was a fantastic holiday.
Blogposts: My favorite (and not so retailers ) about well, our local retailers.
                  Scenes from a pediatric ward (my most hits post ever)
                  All about books today - featuring my top 10 books of all time
Photos I took:

Little man L's feet in the hammock at home

Egytian geese on the river at Mtunzini in December

Water lillies on the dam in Pilansberg March

Internal of the Prot Edward light tower April
 Hope you have enjoyed my overview - what was your favorites?


  1. my favourites on your blog, or mine?

    one of my very favourites was meeting you and your beautiful kids!

    My favourite blogs of yours are the 100% honest ones, the ones with no rainbows and magic :)

    And I LOVED A's party last year!!!

    1. Marcia, your favorite anything of the list above, or my posts or yours. I love that you love my honest ones.

  2. Great list! Loved the music videos...

  3. Fun post! I'm a huge Adele fan, as well. I ate more than my share of hummus this year. I just finished "the glass castle" last week. LOved it! Loved your favorite pics. The stairway one especially.

  4. Ooooh I LOVED this post! I think I may follow suit!! :-)

  5. What a great idea to sum of your favourites from 2011. I love the last pic taken in the Light Tower!

  6. What a great list! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your fav. pictures of 2011. How did you narrow them down, you've taken so many!

    1. I made a list of the ones I could remember without going back into my directory of 2011 because I do believe your best ones stick in the back of your mind.I had 14 on the list and then I went back and narrowed those down to my best 5

  7. I love the photo of the foot hanging out of the hammock and the staircase in the light house!

  8. Fun post to read. Have to agree with you on your favourite gadget :)

    The last pic is amazing!

  9. I think I did a post like this in that last week. It was done in a hurry and I thought of so many things after I had published. Maybe I'll do a part 2?
    Oh, and I saw Elvis Blue on NYE at Kirstenbosch. He was BRILLIANT. He sang the Hallelujah. I got goosebumps. I CRIED. It was so, so moving.

  10. allie says:
    Lovely post - a real insight into your world!
    And your photographs are wonderful: you have a real "eye" for a good shot.

  11. I love your list and your beautiful photos. I also loved reading The Glass Castle during our April vacation.

  12. As always your photos are fabulous!


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