Tuesday, 21 February 2012

From day to day

I am so totally busy at the moment - it's crazy.

  • So, about my last post, if you want to know how I met Nelson Mandela, go check out this old post: I served him tea. 
  • The Princess would have had her first netball day today and I would have been at her last match, but it got rained out. Big disappointment, I'm sure.
  • We are at the moment interviewing to replace a staff member that is leaving. It is shocking that I got 15 CV's in one and a half days with one advertisement on our local professional institutes' web page. Shows you how tough it is out there.
  •  Mr L had another little development explosion and I looked in wonder this morning at the OT when he copied a form with composite shapes. Something I had no idea he could do.
  • I spent the whole evening last night, not even really watching Survivor, to search for the Princess' first school library book. It was in our room, where I kept it so that is does not get lost before she takes it back tomorrow. Last night, it was just gone. Found it after searching through every bookcase (and we have a lot! We all love books), next to Mr C's bed. He must have decided to take it to nap time yesterday afternoon as we allow them to read in bed.
  • The boys had two days of mid term break on Friday and yesterday. I think they loved spending a bit of time at home.
  • I am totally excited about the Princess' upcoming ballet concert - but more about that in a separate post.
  • And they are practicing for the grade 1 gala where they will be swimming (or hopping if they can not swim) breadths of the pool for sponsorship. My mom and I will go for the little event in the 2nd of March and watch them swim. Apparently she is one of the stronger swimmers that will do a length too.
  • And wow, I did not realize how expensive sport shoes can be for 7 year old. Luckily they also use them for school shoes in winter.
So what' happening in your life my friends in the computer?


  1. School drama in my world. Congrats to the Princess on getting chosen to swim a length thats a fantastic achievemnt for grade 1.

  2. We are looking for somewhere to live, on top of that, working, baking and planning parties:-)

  3. Wow! Sounds like a lot is going on in your neck of the woods. We're pretty busy here too. And I just heard that my grandfather who's been doing poorly the past year may be on the last of his final journey.

  4. It is shocking at how hard times are regarding work. Good luck in the search for a new employee for your company.
    Searching for library books sounds so familiar :)
    Our school used to have uniform for the Winter where the children can wear tekkies (sports shoes) with it but now are over to long grey trousers with school shoes. Well, the grey trousers are less cheaper than the Winter uniforms they used to - so I'm not going to complain that much :)

  5. Caitlyn had her last daycare day yesterday and started Year 1 today. Her party is on Sunday and I need to start working on my talk that I'll need to do in March. Busy times!!!

  6. It sounds like you have your plate full.
    I'm also pretty hectic at the moment. This weekend we are going away with friends. I can't wait, I really need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  7. The year is in full blast here as well!
    The Toddler is really testing our patience at the moment. The schizophrenia of toddler-hood-phase!
    The student seems to be settling a bit, but she still needs a lot of pep-talk to keep her going!

  8. Busy lady! Some exciting things coming up though.

  9. Life sure is busy, isn't it? Same here...gymnastics, several events coming up for hubby and I, weekend away with the kids at a water park, fund raisers for school...busy but good!

  10. It is scary to be so busy at this time of the year already....and the year is flying.

  11. Oh it is VERY tough out there, and I think it's even worse in Cape Town. Sounds like you are all just going on and doing things one day at a time. Btw...I loved that old post. You did so many cool things!


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