Friday, 30 March 2012

Oh it's Friday!

It's been so hectic around here that I have almost not noticed. But I am incredibly thankful it is Friday - a bit of rest and relaxation will be great. We have very little planned for the weekend  - just what I need. But lots of this and thats today:
  • The Princess is on holiday from this afternoon - her first in big school and as it is so short she will be spending it at home with a sleepover at gran's.
  • I am thankful for a reprieve from the endless remembering of acticvities, what to pack, what to remind of,early mornings to school.
  • She is at present sitting in the office, quietly drawing in her Top Model and Creative studio books. She loves being at the office and is really no fuss here
  • When I picked her up at shcool I had 3 moms asking for play dates over the holidays. The holiday is 4 non Easter Weekend days long and for 2 she is going to gran for a sleepover. Already the holiday is too short! LOL! 
  • I love my new AEG slow pressure/high pressure cooker and cooked 2 batches of venison stew on Wednesday night. One hour and the meat literally falls off the bones.I have managed to freeze 5 meals from the two batches for the family.
  • Today is real stew weather so we will have some of it from the freezer for dinner.Love the rain and coolness but thinking my boys might be cold at school without jackets. Luckily their are lots of blankeys at school and they are having a video day to day watching Hop and eating popcorn.
  • I am having creativity withdrawel - those Top Model books are looking very attractive right now. I think I should get a craft ready for the kids to do the weekend - I am missing our weekend crafts.
  • I am also missing my own crafting - maybe I should get the mosaics out tonight.
  • I am also not making much progress on reading and only read one and a half books this month. 
  • And I now have 334 unread posts in my Google reader. Sorry guys, am being a very poor blog buddy lately.
  • The Princess' class at school has started a closed group for the class - well, I was actually asked to create the group. I love seeing photos of events that I could not attend or the boys in the class' rugby and the teacher was one of the first to join. I am however rather shocked at how many parents claim to be technologically impaired and am not even on Facebook. I am actually going to help one of the moms over the phone to create a profile for her.
And with that, wishing you all a great and happy weekend!


  1. I sometimes wonder if these "Playdates" that are arranged, are something that mommies with daughters do. The one woman at work also talk about these Playdates her two daughters have but never have a mom with a boy, come to me and ask for this. Maybe a girl thing?
    How did you daughter do after her first quarter?
    You sound very busy at the moment. Hope you get to some kind of craft soon. Some "you" time.

    1. I also forgot it's Friday - all I want to do is curl up with a book and read in bed but I want to try get moving on my visa.

      Also interviewed 3 nannies today :)

  2. I love school holidays! Less traffic, no homework, no making school lunches, no checking of activities, no tests....I think I'm looking forward to it more than Ethan is :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Make sure you make time for you! Those mosaics sure were beautiful. Maybe the kids could help? But that doesn't sound relaxing, does it??! ;P

  4. Those drawing boks she has sound great... I need to find them for my niece


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