Monday, 2 April 2012

All of a sudden it's Autumn.

Like at the drop of the proverbial hat, or leave in this case. Or make it rain. On Thursday night the rain started and by Friday it was already considerably colder. By yesterday,  on April the 1st it felt distinctly like Autumn. Colder - seldom that we have such a sudden turn to the colder seasons. And I do love summer so much!
Yesterday in the park
We had a very relaxing and quiet weekend with friends over for chicken curry and rugby on Saturday night and yesterday having an "inside day" with DVD's etc with the kids as Mr C had an early morning visit to the doctor with a step throat.By late afternoon it was mayhem in the house - truly the cabin fever ran high and we went for a little fresh air in the play park.

We started on our crib revamp project on Saturday (I promise to show you all when it's done but Marcia have an idea what we are doing) and after an hour's wait (I promise - actually 65 minutes) in the "cut queue"  in Builders warehouse I thought I was going off my rocker but the kids were brilliant through the wait on the promise of Mac Donalds Happy Meals. My phone helped as did two notepads and pens but I was incredibly tankful to the kind man in front of me who offered to let us go before him in the queue as we had only one piece of board to cut and he had a whole project. Or maybe he was getting as stressed as I was with the kids all over the cart etc. But we hit a tiny glitch - I measured the height on one and then decided to use the other without realizing that the heights were not the same. So I need to get new "stud or bolts or whatevers so we can adjust the other one. I am so looking forward to complete this - I need it for my "get something done" gratification.

For the rest, I finished a lovely book "The Music Room" by William Fiennes. A great read about a rather different childhood and a loving memorial of his epileptic brother's life. A must read if you like biographies. And started with a rather unusual read for me - but more about that later.

So it's with a rather sad heart that I am saying goodbye to summer with some pictures from last Saturday that was a glorious summer day. My MIL and I took the kids to Zita Park (including friend K) I just love how much the boys have grown into loving the water and pools this summer. We had a lovely afternopon slightly marred by a bee attack after we got ice creams (C had one sting on his thumb and L two on his face - luckily neither of them are allergic).

So, what was your weekend like? Feeling the change of seasons?


  1. Yip Autumn is definitely here...we even lit a fire on Saturday night.

    Love those pics of the kids...looks like a lot of fun. Is it just a waterpark?

    1. It's a municipal park that is surprisingly well maintained. It has a pool and slide and a lot of play equipment and a volley ball net and court for adults.

    2. I'm loving autumn! Loving it :)

      My car said it was 11.5 degrees this morning - yesssss.

      Can't wait to see your projects. I have another idea for that other cot, btw. I need to get it started and then I'll show you :)

  2. I am really not looking forward to winter! I'm very impressed that you can wrangle 3 kids in a queue...I battle with just 1!

  3. You're not the only one which is sad to see Summer leave - it breaks my heart :(
    Love the pictures.

  4. Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend and a good way to say goodbye to summer. I am looking forward to the cooler months, but am very thankful they it will only be 3 of them.

    Looking forward to seeing your DIY project.

  5. Beautiful photos...and it makes me wish that summer can last all year long.

  6. The water park looks fun and those leaves are brilliant!!

  7. I am LOVING the cooler Autumn weather. In fact, I made my first butternut soup last week and it was DIVINE. Now to get Winter clothing sorted.


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