Monday, 12 March 2012

This week is going to rock...

my socks of, as well as the Princess'. Well, maybe her tights. You see, it's ballet concert week - that one week and weekend in the year that is filled with La Pebras gel, make up and costumes. And a lot of dedication from both tiny ballerinas and their moms (and dads and grans in the background). You may remember my post last year about the concert?

This year is based on well know music and almost all the numbers (including the ballet) is performed on modern music. It is always a great show to watch as the studio teaches ballet, modern, hip hop, spanish and ballroom. So the program is varied and entertaining.

As per usual we will be moving into the theater for basically the weekend with dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon and a show the evening and 2 shows on Saturday. Being a grade 1 is also the very first year where they are not only performing in their own number but also in the grand finale, which is a modern item so they all get the exposure to modern dancing and not just ballet. But this is not where the dedication starts and ends. Every Saturday morning  from the start of school this year has been filled with ballet practice. She has missed at least two parties and was late for another because of this, but we feel that being dedicated to an activity means working full out to achieving the best you can. The lessons in life this provides is obvious. This week sees practice from 4 to 7 today, tomorrow and Wednesday. We are going to have a very tired little girl by Sunday.

Add to this that work remains hectic and that I insist on taking Friday afternoon off to be with her (I think I can allow myself that luxury carrying the stress around of having your own business), the week is going to rock, in more ways that one.

So imagine how happy I am that my MIL is landing tonight for a 2 week visit! And no, those that are regular readers know that I love having her for a visit, I am not being cynical. I am truly so grateful for the extra hands and help she will be. Of course, it also gives her the chance to see her oldest grandchild performing for the first time - they are both so excited. In addition, we have a birthday on Wednesday to celebrate and next Saturday is the Boys' annual sports day which she will also attend.

So yes, a busy but exciting week ahead. What does the week hold for you?


  1. I took dance when I was growing up, and I well remember the week before our big recital. I hope it goes well for all of you, and kudos to you for taking a bit of time off to more fully enjoy it.

  2. Oh so exciting!

    Can't wait to see all the pics.

    Good luck to the Princess (and the mom!)

    PS - the comment box hasn't been loading - hence no comments from me :)

  3. Wow, your week sounds very busy! You are so right about the lesson in life to be dedicated to something. Bianca does cheerleading and they are working towards the internationals at the end of the year and that means you have to attend every lesson (except if you are half dead with illness), but she can't just take lessons off when she feels like it.

    Well done to your princess I'm sure she'll do well!

  4. Goodness me! An exciting and busy week ahead. Enjoy every minute of it - can't wait to see the pics. And how AWESOME that MIL is coming too?

    1. We actually bought her a ticket for her birthday- thinking she is not teaching this term ( she subs and is a retired teacher) and just maybe by next year the Princess will not be doing ballet anymore. A sort os seize the moment idea.

  5. I hope you post ballet photos again? Good luck for the week!
    Hubs is away, so it's just me and the toddler...

  6. Wow - sounds like a hectic couples of days. Hope all goes off without a hitch. So glad your MIL is there to back you up.

  7. So wonderful that your MIL is able to come for the time and recital!! What a great gift for you all! I KNOW how much you love her time with you all. :-) I hope you are enjoying every second of it all! Can't wait to see pics of Lil Miss!!

  8. I hope you are getting through this busy week. Can't wait to see ballet photos of your princess.


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