Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April is autism awareness month

Today is World Autism Awareness day.

Although I do not have a child with autism, I am aware of some of the difficulties that children and adults with autism and their parents face. Mr L share some characteristics with autistic kids and some days, it's a struggle.All autistic kids and adults also have Sensory Processing Disorder (or known as Sensory Integration Disorder in South Africa) to some extend or another- what our Mr L has and my, does it throw our world around. Although we have made huge progress it is something that might hamper him for life, or at least throw him a challenge to deal with for life. I am extremely positive about his progress and future, but am painfully aware that only dealing with this is just a fraction of what a child with autism deals with. If you want to read more about the relationship between the two, I found this article very helpful.

So today, I want to reach out to those with autism. I want to share two posts in particular of two of my friends in the blog world with autistic sons - Julia and Debi. I believe that by reading their thoughts about their sons will bring the message through much more than just statistics.


  1. Thank you, dear friend.
    Sensory issues tend to be our biggest hurdle with Will as well and its quite something to figure out all the ins and outs that make our boys happy, isn't it?
    But, on the flip side, seeing their smiles when they're happy... There is nothing like it , is there? :)

    1. Oh so true. L woke up yesterday morning with a huge smile and my, did it make the day so mych better

  2. Great reminder to all! I've been trying to repost my series from last year - didn't have time to do it all again this year but wanted to still keep the posts out there and spread awareness!

  3. I was telling Marcia the other day that I cannot believe how our lives have changed in the last year. In fact, it was exactly a year ago that we took Joel for his first ST assessment. Must say, now that I know what is wrong we are managing a lot better although it is still a matter of one day at a time.
    Thank you for the link.


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