Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What's happening...

One of those bullet style catch up posts.
  • My work craziness at the moment is very stressful. Some days I feel I had enough. Others I am on that high crazy cloud of adrenaline and job satisfaction.
  • We had a wonderful social weekend - maybe a bit too social but it was good.
  • We may be making some new friends within the Princess' group of little school friends' parents. Years ago one of my friends with older children told me it happens - at the time I thought she was crazy and a bit weird. But I guess one shares a lot through our kids and it they then happen to be just great people anyway, it's a win win
  • The Princess has been chosen to play in the 0/7A team in their first and only mini netball tournament of the season. Mommy will be there to take lots of pictures and support on the side.
  • Next week is Eisteddfod week and our Princess and her drama buddy will be doing a little story of a big grumpy bear and a clever little bunny. She very proudly is the bunny. We have been warned that they will not do well but need to get the "first try" out of the way. Looking forward to see her in action on the stage.
  • The boys are practicing for their first rugby day - I have no doubt that it will be controlled chaos, but really looking forward to see this.
  •  The Princess is all excitement about her character skirt in progress. For the grade 1 RAD girls this is a big moment. Her ribbons look like this:
  •  I have just finessed reading "When God was a rabbit". A superb read and no , not blasphemous at all. I always find that I struggle to get into a new book after such a great read - as if my mind is still in the previous story. And funny enough, I often read 3 books at a time.
  • Someone also came second in the annual grade1 colouring in competition. She was so happy about it - I think more about the going on the stage and photos with the headmaster than the actual prize. The friends congratulating, the fuss over her.
  •  Hunter and I had the most fantastic date night on Friday night - a "our regular place" way back from our dating and early marriage times Tutti Pasta. It was such a great night out - superb food and we had such a lovely time together, chatting away. I loved it.
So, what's happening on your side?


  1. Great pics! Sounds like busy, but fun! We're gearing up for the end of the school year and the summer here. Hopefully DH will find some time soon to power wash the deck!

  2. sounds exciting & busy! Enjoy!
    Quite here! Just feel like I am totally lost without my Blackberry which broke, and eyeing the iPhones...

  3. Glad you guys still have "date night".

  4. I loved when God was a rabbit!! Your life sounds almost like mine in its craziness! If I could lie down right now and sleep, I would... alas, its off to work I go, for a cardio session nogaal!

  5. I feel exactly the same about my work at the moment, it is manic. Sometimes it is exhilarating and like surfing a wave, other times I just feel overwhelmed and engulfed by it. I am working SO hard... harder even than my last job (which was just too much) BUT the big difference is that we are treated well where I am now and that makes all the difference so it is bearable.

    Your Princess is doing so very well at school hey!?

    You sound well and happy and settled! :)

  6. Congrats on all the achievements...pray tell what the heck is a RAD skirt?

    1. RAD is the Royal Academy of Dance - a popular form of ballet training. In grade 1 the girls get a second form of dance to learn called "character work" and for that they wear healed black shoes and full circle black skirts with ribbons. When her's are done I will definetely take pictures and put up.

  7. Wow...I must be honest and say I don't miss the craziness of having children at school and all the activities that goes with that. My life at the moment in one word: CRAZY.


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