Monday, 21 May 2012

Getting the craft thing going again

I have been very slow this year on feeding my inner creativity. At the moment my work is very stressful, but I am also in a non- creative stage of a big project, or shall we rather say, less creative. I reached a point where frustration took over and one morning in the long weekend of  27 April to 1 May my hubby gifted me with a morning for myself. I just jumped in , as eager as can be and made 3 mosaic crosses
Without grout

Two of them with grout (the other already gifted by then)
It really just made me so happy to make them, and gift them, after all not to the church for the bazaar as intended but to people shown out to me for each of them.

Then for Mothers day I was totally out of ideas for the grannies, until I saw this post on Marcia's blog. I mean, it is THE perfect gift for them.. So I went ahead, bought my canvasses (R22 for a 30x30 canvass), modge podge and the photos (R24 for a 30 x 30 each). So the total gift cost me R46 plus a negligible amount of modge podge and the grannies are in granny heaven. They came out beautifully.

I was lucky to get a friendly co amateur photographer that was at the course with me the Sunday before Mothers day to take it down for my MIL. It was rather unexpected so no time for a card, but Oupa saw to that and she was totally happy. For my mom, we had a bit more time for a "card" .I found a printable of Crayola's website to make flowers, and made we did. I printed two sheets for each child so that we could make double sided flowers and they coloured it (well I did the boys' second sheet for them). We then cut them out and glued them on drinking straws, and just like that, granny had the most beautiful bunch of child made flowers. She loved them. (and I could not stop photographing them)

Her wrapped canvass and flowers.
So, do you need to craft to keep your sanity? And what did you craft recently?


  1. I'm squealing inside with GLEE - I love them. That is a fantastic photo of the kids and it came out great.

    Isn't it the best?

    I went to make another print on Sat - this time for the kids' room :)

  2. Love the flowers you kids made. Those crosses you make, my one friend also make mosaic crafts. I am very intrigued with them and I think your crosses are beautiful. Glad you got your creativity going again.

  3. Wow. Those crosses are stunning, Cat!

    And I'm going to have to try that canvas project, too. I saw it on Marcia's blog - as well as on Mandy H's - and it's been in the back of my mind since. And by the way, that's such an awesome picture of your crew!

    And...the colored flowers are so sweet. :)

    YEA for crafting! I don't do it as often as I'd like, but it's definitely good for my soul, too.

  4. those are lovely, CAt! And I love those flowers:-) As for the photos, excellent idea, in fact, I may steal it, if that's OK?!

  5. I love love love those mosaic crosses! Gorgeous!

  6. Love the crosses...and the photo...awesome idea, and for next too!

  7. LOVE your stuff. Isn't it awesome to get back into the swing of crafting? Am attempting another mosaic tomorrow and have made a few pretty envelopes this weekend. Will share later this week.

  8. Oh wow that is so clever! Love the flowers! And the mosaics... too bloody clever!

  9. I so wish I could be so crafty! These are amazing!!!

  10. The crosses are beautiful!!!! Love the photo of the kids, too! Glad you got your groove back! I need to find some time for a creative outlet this summer...or pour myself into my running!

  11. You have really outdone yourself!! The crosses are gorgeous. I love the canvas. What a great photo! I love the flowers too. What a great idea for Mother's Day!! Wish I thought of it!

  12. I'm also going to give that canvas art a try - it came out lovely!

    1. It is easily one of the easiest and most rewardign crafts I have ever done.

  13. I adore the flower bouquet! I remember my mum always saying when I was little that she loved it when I made her things that I could (well I meaning my dad probably) easily have bought so I'm sure granny was quite chuffed :)

  14. I love the canvas of your children...gorgeous.

    I also love to brings sanity into my life. I have recently started playing around with mixed media on canvas...and I love the messiness of it all.


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