Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Yes I am - so totally.

Here's the thing - at the end the Princess and I had a great week away at the sea last week - just the two of us. It was lovely. I have not had such a great rest in the last 5 , maybe 7 years. She was a great companion and kept herself so busy most of the time that I finished 2 books - the one over 500 pages thick. But that's not really the point.

The point is that the two of us went on our own because my car developed a problem - service light shining brightly at times. So we booked her in on the Thursday before we had to leave, just to be quoted R8 550, 00 to fix said problem- and a 1 to 3 week wait for the part. And a stern warning that we could permanently damage her engine if we drive down with her. I was shocked! Hunter and I had a chat, he did some calcs and we decided to dismiss the idea to go down with the bakkie (truck) that is so much heavier on fuel and slower, and to fly just me and the Princess down. It was a cheap option - my Disc.overy miles bought my whole plane ticket, hers was a good price for short notice and with Disc.overy I got a great deal on car rental too on a small little car.

The real point however is that Hunter booked the car in yesterday with a very reputable dealership to check the diagnostics too and et voila! Fixed in a day to the total cost of.......wait for it..... R 355,75! Kid you not. It makes me so totally angry that we have missed out on a great family holiday for NOTHING! Because someone did not go to the trouble to check the part that was diagnosed by the computer and to see that it was just dirty, not broken. That someone not only robbed us from a great holiday but also caused me ages of stress about a huge wad of money. I am really so angry. Bloody crooks! (I do hope that this does solve the problem though - but so far so good)

But all of this does not take away from the fact that we had a great great break - about which I will tell you more next time.

BTW - I went "mark all as read" in my reader yesterday - there is no way I would catch up on over a 1000 items in my reader. And yes, I took a blogging break too - it was also good for my soul.


  1. I hear that you're angry - but maybe you need to see it for what it is.

    You and A and a marvellous time away, with absolutely no stresses. H wasn't coming with anyway, was he? From what I rememberyou saying earlier.

    So ....

    Yes the garage are crooks - i hope you have spoken to them? And yes you did something completely out of the ordinary.


    it was good for your soul and you and A had wonderful bonding time.

    Always look for the positives skat!


    1. Oh I am totally seeing the positives! Maybe I cxame accross a bit strong. And yes, H was coming along - he got leave about 2 weeks before.

  2. i would have been angry too...but maybe that is exactly why you had such a good relaxing trip...the drive trip from Jhb-Dbn-Jhb is a long trip...much better to fly

  3. I guess auto mechanics pull the same crap every where. Glad you and princess has a nice time together.

  4. That is so sad - that one do get people who don't do their work properly and in an event like this, cost valuable family time and money. I'm glad that it only costs R355 in the end and I hope that it lasts. It sucks to have car problems.
    I'm glad that you and your daughter have enjoyed the holiday so much. I can totally get why she entertained herself, I saw it when we met. She keeps herself busy. My daughter is like that too.

  5. Urgh!
    The same thing happened to my sister (except for the missing a family holiday part). She was quoted R35 000 to replace the turbo on her polo by VW - after lots of tears later and thinking scrapping her car was going to be her only option she took it to a friend who had a 2nd hand car dealership. He said to take it to a friend that fixes his cars before she did anything drastic. R700 later and cleaned fuses (or something) it is fixed - and has been running just fine for the past 4 years!

    I guess as with doctors - pays to get a second opinion!

  6. How frustrating...but like Shayne says, soooo much good came out of it...even a cheaper bill ;-)

  7. Oh my gosh, I would be livid as well!! On the bright side, what a relief to not have to shell out all that cash AND you got some one on one time with your princess! :)

  8. Ugh..that is sooooo frustrating. So sorry that half your family missed out on a holiday but I LOVE that you had the best rest ever. And I think that your man is just FANTASTIC to stay with the boys and let you and A fly down on your own instead.

  9. My mouth is open in shock!

    And yes, I would be fuming. But soon my very practical side would take over and say YAYYYYY, R8000 saved! :)

    PS loved your comment on Heather's blog!

  10. I'd be LIVID!! Glad you had a break though

  11. Oh this would INFURIATE me! And I would certainly have something to say to the dealership - because that's who I am. I get so angry at people's blatant lack of caring and consideration!!

  12. Best I not get started on car dealerships/service centres etc. Grrrrrr!

    However, I am so glad you and the Princess had a good time and that you got a chance to relax and read and just not be as busy as you always are.

  13. Ai!! Sorry to hear, but glad it was only something small and that you had a great break!

  14. I am holding my breath that the second guys did not actually make a fault - so all eyes on that service light before I take anybody on

  15. So glad to hear what an amazing time you and A had together! I know those memories will last a long, long time...just as I hope you can put the mess with the car behind you soon. Ugh...

  16. I would be spitting mad too!

  17. Oh goodness me but I would be hopping mad!!! I hate this kind of thing!!!!

  18. oh man!! What a frustration but I'm glad it all worked out ok in the end. What a neat treat to have just a girls trip - something I KNOW my daughter would LOVE. :-)


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