Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Oh my oh my

Yes, things are super busy, super crazy here.I am actually so stressed that I am struggling to eat. Yes, I am not a stress eater (thank goodness I guess).
  • I actually have travellers anxiety - well I have always had it but I have no idea why going on holiday stresses me out so much. Especially going to SanLameer like we are doing now - everything is there, if we forget something we can get it. Really, there is no reason at all. And yet I stress.
  • Work is super hectic - and quite possibly the main reason for my stress levels and the instigator for more than the usual vacation anxiety. I have so much to do and I am working so hard. But I trust that I will get all under control and that we can have a relaxed Friday afternoon packing before heading off. 
  • I am totally tired of the day to day run around, school stuff, remembering activities, early wake ups for kids. Only two days of school to go and we are there. 3 weeks of no worrying about homework, sport and all that. Bliss.
  • Waking up at the sea on Sunday morning is going to be pure happiness. Here's to much rest and relaxation and a great family time together. We always have a great time there. Not sure what the weather is going to be like, but we will take it all in our stride.
  • The Princess got her merit button on Monday - she is totally delighted (they need a certain amount of merits and then get a button to wear on their shirts) I am very proud of her as her teacher is very strict with awarding them. She also got a bit of money from us and together with a bit of savings, she increased the Zooble population in  the house by two, with hair..
  • The grade 1's had a "Come dress at school" day on Tuesday - all to do with their theme of being healthy this week. So they went to school in PJ's with clothes, hairbrushes and toothbrushes. There was much giggling as the teachers also pitched up in Pj's.
  •  The very great news is that both boys have been admitted into grade R at our school next year - I am much relieved. We will work through grade R and decide about our road ahead about this time next year. Here's hoping L keep progressing at this rate for the next year.
  • Mr L's annual check up at the specialist opthamologist has been moved from August to October - turns out the good doc has been very sick. I feel rather sick about this as his frame is really tired and to wait so much longer. I am literally calling every morning for a possible cancellation
  • I went to film the exam sequence on Monday with the DVD camera for the Princess' ballet exam. Gosh, I am once again astounded by what these girls are suppose to remember and do well with their little 7 year old bodies and minds. And Louisa, just for you - these are the character skirts I was referring to earlier. Gosh, they are pretty with all the different coloured ribbons - the girls are loving it. Possibly just a bit less than the necessary stomping with their little heeled black character shoes.
  • We tried our best to give our Superdad the very best Fathersday but the poor guy was man down for the day - a virus got the better of him and yet he braaied for us all as he planned. Because that is the type of daddy he is. All for us. We did spoil him with little hand made gifts form each of the kids - I especially love that the Princess' class made the whole key holder themselves from using a wood saw to drilling the holes for the hooks.The Superman mug is for our Superdad, filled with his favorite choccies.

 So my friends, this post has taken me most of the day to do as I start to type, get interrupted, work work, and then come back. Trust you are well - I will have to catch up on a lot of blog reading some time.


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Congrats on your daughter with the Merit button. Not only is her teacher strict with rewarding merits but our school is also. So well done to your daughter.
    And yay for both of your sons being accepted for Gr R next year. That's fantastic.
    With all this hecticness, you sure are going to enjoy the holiday starting on Sunday. Whoohoo!
    Good luck with the final packing and holiday arrangements this last few days. Almost there :)

  2. So much going on, Cat! But I just wanted to take a quick moment to say how happy I am for you that the boys will both be in R next year. I know what a weighty issue that must have been.

    If I don't "talk" to you before, I hope you get your day-to-day somewhat in order before leaving for your trip, and I hope you have a fantastic and RELAXING time together as a family!

  3. I love the pj day! And the teacher is gorgeous!

    I know it's not funny but please send some no-eating stress this way :)

    Do you guys have timeshare in San Lameer, or do you just love it down there? We went to San Lameer on honeymoon a gazillion years ago - in those days I weighed 45!

    How long will you be away?

    It's going to be fantastic - a time for your whole family to recharge and rest.

    Love the craft stick photo frames!!!

  4. Go and relax and enjoy the holiday. It has been well earned. Congrat on the merit button and your boys being accepted in Grade R....
    (Ps..I am envious of your holiday by the

  5. The skirt looks lovely and so do the father's day gifts. So sweet!

  6. Sjoe it certainly sounds like you're busy, busy. Hope you have a wonderful, restful, stress free holiday.

  7. Your sweet girl looks beautiful in her skirt. My Sarah started dance this year and decided not to continue but says now she wants to do it next year. We'll see!

    We, too, are leaving on vacation this weekend for a week. The longest vacation we've taken with the kids. Like you, we'll be in a place near anything we'd need so no need to stress..but always hoping to be well prepared to help things go smoother. Can't wait to get on the beach!

  8. Lady, ENJOY your break. You sooooo deserve it. Just relax and (try) not to think about work and deadlines and and and.
    I LOVE the Fathers Day crafts and the pj day and those skirt. Too beautiful.
    ps...will pray for a cancellation for you at the eye Dr.

  9. oh, I completely understand your stress. It's what we do... in our constant struggle to be perfect moms.
    (from your pics on Instagram, it looks like you're having a perfectly beautiful holiday already. yea!)

  10. I have breaking the kids get older it gets even, you cannot even imagine..that is why we don't know ahead of time...b/c we wouldn't agree to it if we knew...
    still worth the effort though.

  11. Heres hoping you're having a stunning break. Resting and relaxing.
    Glad to hear that the boys are sorted ... Its so stressful.
    Hugs to you and hang in there

  12. Holy cow, you certainly are in need of a holiday. I hope you get to put your feet up, take some time out and relax.


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