Monday, 16 July 2012

Creatures of habit

3 Months ago the dear city council closed the street that connects ours with the street that runs in front of the boys' school to re-do the stormwater system in the area before the summer rains. Although we all appreciated that upgrade was certainly in order and that our council is actually spending our money where it helps us and not to enrich our officials, it did mean quite a bit of disruption. It made our 4 street block journey about 8 in the other direction and a huge time difference as the traffic went from insignificant to heavy due to the road closures. And if you ever transport 3 tired children after school you will know that it can mean the difference between sanity and a glass of wine. Hence I was delighted when last Friday afternoon the road was opened again and I had my former easy route. I used the old/new shorter route a few times over the weekend but come Monday I instinctively turned to the detour road. It seems a 3 month habit is hard to break.

This morning we had to break our great 3 week old holiday routine - last night I had to turn back the alarm clock on my phone to 5:30, not the relaxed 6:30 of the holidays. Packing lunches, getting all ready for school, remembering ballet clothes and school books. Yip, back to reality. To make it all worse, Ouma and Oupa that has been with us for the last week and who have spoiled us rotten with help, meals, love and stories and all that makes them great, also left on the Gautrain for the airport. There were many tears - we all love them and hope to see them soon. Ai, a habit of shared love is hard to break, as is the holiday routine. At least I took the shorter old road to the school this morning. Already a creature of the new/old habit.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your in-laws are heading back home. I'm sure you're all so very sad about that.
    I can't relate to not feeling happy about the school holidays being over. I rather like it that we are back in routine again. I don't like the hectic mornings though but other than that, I'm glad it's back to normal again.

  2. I can quite understand the sadness of them leaving :( I'm so glad my mom stays close to us, although I have a feeling they're going to be moving one of these fine days.

  3. School holidays won't be over for us for another month, thank goodness! We have a saying around here called "autopilot" for driving without thinking.

  4. I do lots of things on autopilot these days and it's not good for me! Your mil is lovely!

    I've only just finished supper. Got to write something for tomorrow and then that's it - packing time!

  5. Good luck getting back into the routine. Some holidays are just so good you wish they'd never end.

  6. As much as I've loved the routine again I've really missed being able to lie-in and snuggle a bit with the kids. Hope you have a fantastic weekend my friend. Stay warm.xx


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