Thursday, 12 July 2012

Choose only one toy, any toy.

Let's talk toys - now I am not talking books, books are books, they are not toys. They are above all this on a little pedestal of their own. As are puzzles, drawing stuff etc. I am talking purely toys here. For me my toy of choice it's an easy - blocks of all shapes and sizes. They are just so versatile and creative and kids learn so much by putting them together, planning and spatial lessons.

Through the years we have moved from our big basket of Megabloks to Duplo (and Megabloks' equivalent which btw fits perfectly with Duplo.
And although mainly the Princess, but also the boys to some extend has moved on to the small Lego blocks- some of which are mine which I played with as a kid - they regularly take the Duplo out and create. Just this Sunday the Princess build a huge castle in her room and invited her brothers to help populate it with people , vehicles and furniture.

I recently gave the boys' school their old plastic ride on toys so I was considering donating the huge basket of Megabloks until a very cold and unpleasant Sunday (Fathers day by chance) arrived and I had bored and cold kids. So I dragged out the basket to test the waters and suffice to say that the basket will be with us for quite a couple of years to come. It kept all 3kids busy the whole Sunday - even the 7 year old build huge towers, castles etc.

What a wonderful toy with such a  wonderful value for money time frame - most of these blocks were her 1st birthday and Christmas presents, the rest the boys' first birthday and second Christmas - thus they have served almost 6 years for 3 kids. And will continue to do so. Maybe I should just keep them for grandchildren to come in the far future.Because blocks, although evolving all the time with more extras, in essence stay the same in the basic form.

Great great toys which we love to receive and to give.

So what is your (and your kid's ) favorite toys. We all love blocks but I do suspect not all moms love their kids' favorites. Although other toys comes and goes, these remain the staple in the house.


  1. Blocks is not something we or our children like. They tend to play with it for a bit and then never again.
    It's great that kids and your kids, have found something they enjoy so much that it keeps them busy for so long especially on days when it's cold and rainy.
    Our daughter like puzzles. That keeps her busy for hours and my son is adoring his dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs. Not so much puzzles.

  2. Defenitely blocks. Before I had my son I always gave lego or duplo as gifts and now friends and family have returned the idea. He has huge boxes of lego helped on that his father and two of his uncles are lego nuts still collecting in their thirties. Although now all the boxes are apparently for Ewan. I love how they can build the imagination.

  3. I love love love blocks and of course, you know my passion for anything wooden.

    I don't know who enjoys building the blocks more - D or the kids :)

    Connor got a wooden train set with lots of blocks and I was INTO it!!!!

    Don't give your blocks away - put it away if they seem bored - and then pull out once a month or so.

  4. We do mot have a large amount of blocks, but it is also a favourite here!

  5. Love your block sets, they're seriously extensive!
    My kids are into electronic things now, or balls... but that's it really

  6. J is a little toyoung for blocks at the moment. He is really into balls at the moment. But I reckon blocks are cool. The exercise the imagination.

  7. Lego has always been the toy of choice in our household. If I had to choose individual favourites, right now Zoe loves her Jessie and Woody from Toy Story and Ethan loves the old stick outside that he uses to practice Martial Arts :)

  8. Legos are definitely one of our favorites here too...something ALL 3 kids love to play with!

  9. My kids go through phases but they continue to go back to blocks, lego and puzzles. And balls. These toys just NEVER get old. And of course Child2 has an obsession with car wheels. He spins them ALL THE TIME!

  10. Nicola loves her blocks too, and at times she really gets into puzzles and books. The other thing seem to blow over very quickly.

  11. We have 2 favourites.... Blocks is one but she also loves puzzles. Those ones wooden ones with the peg on them where she needs to put it in the correct space. She has seven of those boards and does them similtaniously. We dump out all the pieces into a box and she sorts through them. I am amazed as she can pick out the correct bit even if it is upside down and partially hidden. Does it better than I can.

  12. I love lego - big and small but my older two never really took to it. They will play with it now when it comes out though.

    Right now Jack is loving his Leappad dinosaur, Kiara loves the design an outfit doll thing my mom bought her and Cameron is all about his xBox and DS - lol I can't give you one that all 3 have enjoyed!


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