Monday, 23 July 2012

Our life in 365

So I have done a  few 365 projects - in 2010 I actually took a picture a day with the big Canon every day - I just never got around to publish them but suffice to say picking pictures for our yearly photobook album was a pleasure - so much to choose from. 2011 I just fizzled out and then I got the iphone and Instagram. So on 1 January this year I started with a 366 (leap year) project, but somewhere along the line, I just stopped. Last week I just knew I had to start again - it is such a great reference later in the year - so I am doing the i365 again and started at the very random date of 19 July 2012. Hopefully I get my whatsisname in gear and publish it here every week.

So, Our lives the last few days on Instagram:

Day 2/365 20/07/2012 Hubby and I had a wonderful food and wine evening at the Blu Saffron restaurant - stunning food, the greatest Hermanuspietersfontein wines and good company too

Day 4/365 22/07/2012 Went to the plastic shop, came home with a R12 shopping basket each. Amazing the amount of fun they had with it. And now it serves and the carry all for their stuff between the ground and top floor when tidying up every evening.
Here's hoping you all have a great week. Mine will be very busy at work, but please for this afternoon all positive thoughts and prayers for our yearly all important appointment at the Pediatric ophamologist with Mr L. (yes, we got a cancellation appointment on short notice)


  1. Oh good luck for this arvi - msg me how it goes?

    I didn't take many pics last week, and am really struggling with my week in PL today. so it just goes to show - the more photos the better.

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful night out x

  2. Those are such cute shopping baskets you got. And they are so cheap. I think my youngest will surely adore them, not so much my oldest.

  3. Very cute shopping baskets. Hope the appointment went well. Thinking of you guys.

  4. Do hope your appointment went well!

  5. glad you are back doing the photo a day! I am terrible at taking photos everyday...!

  6. Great idea with the shopping baskets! Love the 2 spidermans :)

  7. Love your spidermen! I saw on facebook that L's appt went well. :) :)


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