Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So once again he defies the odds!

Yesterday was our yearly check up at the Pediatric Ophamologist - something I go to every year with a total knot in my stomach because every year, we return 3 months later to measure the angle that the right eye "falls out" and every year we seem to miss the dreaded operation by the skin of our teeth. This year I am breathing much much easier - it seems as if his eye has stayed stable the whole year and as if he is reacting well, even better than expected to the glasses and the drops over weekends. So the great news is that we will have no operation and that he gets a lens that is a ,5 higher as the doctor thinks he is able to handle that. We have now moved from the initial -3 to a -4 and now a -4,5 (his eye is in fact -6!) So great news all round. We will be exploring the possible use of a contact lens for the eye next year.

I took my iPad along to possibly do some work while we wait (it is always a long wait there) but alas, a certain young man decided he wanted to play "Spotty horse" ( Make a scene farmyard) on my "iPerd"- his term for iPad (for the non Saffers a "perd" is a horse - so he was playing "Spotty horse" on my iHorse). He shared the game with a little girl that was also waiting and really, with over 2 hours waiting time between the doctor and the optometrist for teh fitting of  his glasses I was eternally grateful for taking it along and letting him play.  It must be the only place in the world where every kid they meet wears glasses - although wearing glasses was never an issue for him (I think because he was just a little baby when he started) it must be for those who get theirs later. There is always much talking and comparing of glasses between the little ones and the parents.

I had to smile - the doctor brought out a sheet with 10 alphabet letters for me to hold and stood at different distances, asking L to show him the letter he was holding. I did not expect him to be able to do this - not because he can not see the letters but because I did not know he actually had the skill to match so specifically (and not pictures). But he did! Faultless! Another bit of hope for us.

I also had another huge smile later at the Optometrist - as we walked in the receptionist had me completing the forms and then asked us to take a look around the frames while we waited for the optometrist. He ran straight for the colourful kiddie frames and as a pro (it is his 4th frame after all) he immediately started fitting frames and talking to himself : "Nee nie die een nie, waar's die blou ene? Die een is te klein" (No not this one, where's the blue one? This one is too small ) As much as both me and the optometrist tried to convince him that red or orange or green was cool, he was set on blue (once again) and choose a nice dark blue frame. At least a different shade and make. Photos to follow when we get it next week.

So all that done and dusted, we got home at about 5:20 after I left the office at 2:30 to pick him up. 

I am much much relieved and very thankful. So what was your Monday like?


  1. Great to hear!
    Laughed at the "iperd" (will be thinking differently about mine as well ;-))

  2. This story makes me soooooo happy. LOL at iPerd.

  3. Yay for Little Man L! And hehehe at the iPerd. Too cute what they come up with sometimes.

  4. That's wonderful news about his eye Cat!
    I'm so glad your dreaded afternoon didn't turn out to bad afterall :)

  5. Hy is so oulik...ek is mal oor die term iPerd. Ek is so bly dat alles goed afgeloop het. My one nephew wore glasses from before he was one year old and is now a teenager that started wearing contact lenses from when he was nine

  6. That is fantastic news! You must be so relieved that his eye has settled. What would we do without technology nowadays?

  7. Awesome. I need to take my three for their check-ups.

    My Monday was better than the previous one .. so that's a good thing.

    Hope the rest of the week has been fabulous.


  8. YAY for good news!!!!

    Well done little man L!!!!

  9. That is brilliant news - can't wait to see the pics of the news specs.

  10. So glad to hear such great news on your lil man!! And yes...the iPad has been a savior here many times too!

  11. So glad to hear such great news on your lil man!! And yes...the iPad has been a savior here many times too!


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