Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dear son....(2012 edition)

 My dear little Bear,

Mommy stands amazed almost every day seeing you develop and grow. In the past year you have started to really get into figures and numbers, letters and drawing. While you used to love to colour, it is drawing that is your real passion now. And pottery - you love to make and create things. I am totally astounded at your knowledge of things you take an interest to - like everything space and universe related that by far outsmarts your moms.

I love to hear your little voice talk non stop, even though it usually means that you and your sister are having a verbal battle for attention.I love to see how this weekend you adapted to the social scene like a fish to the water. How you sometimes played with your brother and the other little boys but how you also enjoyed the company of the two slightly older girls. A real social player.

Mommy can not wait to see what the next year holds for us all. Mommy loves you to Uranus and back my sweet Bear.

My dear little Lion,

I am so glad that this year was a much easier one for you than the previous. That we could rejoice in so many new milestones achieved and issues dealt with. Mommy loves to see how you grow in class, how you sit and do a task, how you complete the jobs given to you. I love that you shout out right in the middle of a shopping trip "There's fireman Fred" or whatever letterlander you see. Most of all mommy loved to see you draw and elephant on your new magic board on Tuesday morning  - I had no idea that you could that.

Almost every day your brave courage and determination totally astounds me. I was so happy to see you play around this weekend, sometimes on your own as you often prefer, but very often as part of a group. It was great to see you take a small leadership roll with the two younger boys.I loved the determination you showed in mastering your bicycle on all terrains.

Mommy knows that the next year will be one that challenges you and us and I can not wait to see how you will grow. Mommy loves you as much as all the stars in the sky my brave Lion.

BTW - I love that top photo. It speaks to me of a true brotherly camaraderie and love.


  1. Aaaawwww, what sweet letters for your sweet boys! So precious!

    Happy belated birthday to Bear and Lion :)

  2. I can feel the emotion in this post towards your sons. Happy belated birthday to the both of you and may this coming year, be filled with God's blessings and strength for the both of them (and you two).

  3. Lovely. You're man C looks so much like you.

    1. You think so? He is actually , apart from his light eyes, a carbon copy of his dad

    2. I do. I based it on the picture from your previous post.

  4. Gorgeous pictures and lovely words, I'm sure your kids will treasure these posts most as they grow up. Fingers crossed that the new challenges they both face in the new year will go better that you all expect! Sue X

  5. Great words for your boys! They look happy and big and ready to tackle things!!
    You have done a great job so far!

  6. Happy birthday to your little men! Beautiful letters to both of them.

  7. A big happy birthday to the Lion and the Bear. Oh Cat, you got all my seams leaking with these beautiful, heartfelt words. You are one fantastic mamma.


  8. Congratulations on a big birthday! No longer toddlers, but little boys, who have obviously grown and developed so well! Good luck for the next year - I am sure it's going to be another successful one! Happy Sunday!

  9. Better late than never - happy birthday to your sweet Lion and Bear!! I love your heartfelt post.


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