Friday, 5 October 2012

That's life I guess...

The last few weeks have been hectic - work is incredibly busy which means it spills into my home time. There was the party in between and a glorious weekend with friends, all good and well. But yes, being so busy and stressed really tends to cause your little balancing act to tilt here and there, preventing you from getting to everything you may want to do. Adding to that I was woman down yesterday with a tummy bug - the third one on the project for this week so it is definitely doing the rounds. Thus, some bullets, just to catch up a bit.
  • The boys have not opened all their birthday present as yet. We seem to be averaging one or two presents a day only. They open one, and then keep busy with it for long. Actually, I think it's great.But tonight it's over - everything open and done.
  • They love all the wonderful books they got, puzzles, space man swimming hoodies, new duvet covers and their very own special Lion and Bear mugs , but somehow the hit of the year was so simple - a caddy with pencils, kokis, scissors etc to work in their books. It is also the one present the Princess very much wants too - not that she doesn't have all these, but the caddy is super funky. When asked about presents for them this year, I simply said, "anything but toys apart from Lego which is always welcome". It worked remarkably well - they are in book heaven - and me too.
  • I have not done a single thank you yet, but this weekend it is thank you note time.
  • I was really so sick yesterday that I did not even blog, read blogposts or anything. I slept, and read a bit of "The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo - he has be entranced. ( I have also read "The Leopard" but you should read "The snowman" before you read "The Leopard".
  • I finished "Me before you" by Jojo Moyes on Monday. It is one of the most beautiful sensitive books I have ever read. I cried buckets, I laughed often. Do give it a read or get it for your bookclub. In our bookclub we refer to it as "The book of the cycle" There is always one that stands out and that every single member reads - last year it was " The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls. If you have not read it yet, do so!
  • I am so missing my Princess! She has spent Monday, Tuesday and last night at my mom's. They are having much much fun but I think it was one night too much - I miss her and she sounded a bit teary last night. 
  • One of the street chickens has made a little nest with 8 eggs in our driveway. We are feeding her there but I am not sure what we are going to do when the little chicks come out. We have our dogs and two others to contend with. but I am sure hubby will make some plan.
  • I am planning to have a quiet weekend - yes, I want to do some de cluttering, but I need to rest so not much of a weekend goals list today.
And with that, I am off to try and catch up on some work. Enjoy your weekend! Any plans?


  1. Ww have a quiet wwekend planned! Which sounds like heaven to me!
    Enjoy yours!

    Thanks for the book tips!

  2. Every time I visit your blog, I buy books lol

  3. I do hope you're feeling better! Books are always wonderful gifts. Problem is I am going to need to build a library soon - I just can't get rid of the old ones and am running out of space! Have a good week-end!

  4. I hope you feel better soon and get some rest this weekend!

  5. Awesome! I was just looking for a new book to read!
    Love the gifts they got, and hope you get over the dreaded quickly!

  6. I could do with another weekend after the night we had last night! Wow, I'm really in awe of your boys only opening one or two gifts a day.

  7. I should read the snowman, I've had it for almost a year and I've not opened the cover.

    Weekend was busy busy but got through everything I planned.

    Hope your weekend was good?

  8. Such a clever idea to not open all the gifts at once. Makes it feel like the birthday lasts so much longer. I have made a note of all these books. Have just started The Slap. So far so good.

  9. Life has been incredibly busy here, too...hence my absence of blogging and commenting. Thanks for the book recommendation - I added it to my list of ones to check out in the future. I've been too busy to read much lately too but am trying to get through a book now.

    LOVE your bday present idea of "anything except toys." Brilliant! A few years ago we wanted to build a swing set in our backyard and asked family and friends to consider gift cards for the toy store so we could put it together for the big purchase. Between all 3 kids' birthdays and holidays, we had enough to purchase the swing set! It worked out great AND we weren't overwhelmed by dozens of new toys :-)


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