Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spetember Saturday Snapshots - week 2

So it's time for our little photo challenge again with Marcia and Mandy . I decided to do it again - take 5 minutes and take the 5 pictures like I did last week - but this time at our own home.

So without further ado - my textures and patterns:
Tree trunk in our garden - can you see the face?
Brick patterns and lines. Love the sense on perspective.

I edited this one in black and white to bring out the leaf pattern.

I love the textures on the sea shell mobile.

Lovely simplicity in the pattern on the pation table.

So are you playing along yet? And which one is your favorite?
Mine is the sea shells shot.


  1. I love how organised you're being about this - makes my little heart sing :)

    I LOVE the black and white one! And second, the seashells. I just want to rub my hands over the shell (which means the pic touched me :))

  2. YES! I saw the face :) I also like the sea shell shot. What a fun post. I might just give it a go next time :) Enjoy your week-end!

  3. I love the face in the tree bark. My favorite is the bricks.

  4. My favourite is the black and white picture and the sea shell is a close second! Nice pictures

  5. My favourite is the tree trunk, gorgeous!

  6. I like the tree trunk...that face looks a bit like pacman ;-)

  7. Love the bricks - absolutely stunning :)

  8. Stunning, I like the black and white pic.

  9. OMW Cat can you join you guys for the photo Challenge? You know I love love taking photos...And these are beautiful. I love them all.

    1. Of course! Just link up on Marcia or Mandy's blogs! It would be lovely to see yours


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