Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday stuff

So, Friday arriced rather cold and rainy and I feel completely not like working, but alas, work we will.

So I will try to stick to goals, short term (well it's a beginnng) so this weekend's goals :
  1. Paint the one wall in the lounge
  2. Get the recipes and ingredients ready for bookclub on Tuesday night
  3. Cover my books, write them in the files and post on the bookclub blog (private blog) about the book choices.
  4. Clear the glass table area
  5. Tidy the kiddies are in the living room
  6. Tidy above the two tall cupboards in the dining room.
  7. Go to hockey games with the Princess
  8. Swim with the kids
  9. Buy the Princess new ballet shoes (urgent as her's are totally danced away and exams are around the corner)
  10. Participate in Saturday snapshots.
  11.  Buy napkins for Tuesday (rest of the table stuff is sorted)
  12. Finish the invites for the boys' birthday party.
  13. Fisih the bookmark gifts for the bookclub girls.
  14. Finish the Spud book
Huge list - making me totally jittery!
So what are your goals?
I think Marcia will set up something to join in on the Organizing Queen blog  - do join in there.

I am not going to be able to do a Mamaloves post today (pressed for time)- next week I promise!


  1. You have a busy weekend ahead of yourself. Good luck and enjoy

  2. At least it looks like you have some fun, creative things on your list! I hope you can enjoy them, along with everything else. :) Here's to a productive weekend!

  3. I hope you have built in time to have a hectic schedule in the week already.


  4. Thanks for the link. SOmething weird is going on because I had stuff posted but it posted blank?

    Anyway I went to re-post (thank goodness my WE badge was still saved)

  5. PS If you just get that wall painted, you're a rock star :)

  6. Sjoe. Your list is LONG. I do hope that you manage to fit in a nap somewhere. I MUST run. AND I have a yoga followed by coffee friend date. And I plan to paint my nails and treat my face a bit. A bit of nurture and all that.
    Oh, and I have to help Child1 to study Maths. Sigh. Think I will do a cutting and pasting activity with Child2 while this goes on. AND I WILL NAP.

  7. I read the Spud book, good luck with the list!

  8. All that THIS WEEKEND?!
    More power to you! I'll gladly pay you to come paint over here! I'll be happy to make it thought the weekend alive. I hate the "change-of-season" cold. Every year without fail!! Ugh!

  9. Wow...hectic...when will you sleep??

  10. Wow, quite a list... I am too scared to start a list because I know that I won't even start it! :)
    Nice to link up with another SA blog.

  11. I've had lists a mile long for work lately so I haven't even attempted to make a list for home stuff. I'm pretty sure I'd just crumple it up and throw it away in defeat if I tried! ha!

    good luck!


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