Tuesday, 20 November 2012

So how have you all been?

Yes, I am way behind on blog reading but trusting you are all fine. Busy times as per usual, so a  quick catch up here:
  • I took a sanity day on Friday - really this year has been busy and I have neglected a lot. I used the day to catch up on some to do items and had a leisurely lunch all by myself. I collected my watch that has been for repairs at the jeweller (they are in Menlyn Park which I hate and refuse to visit on a Saturday). At the same time I collected the Naartjie voucher I won on Rattle and Mum and bought two lovely dresses for the Princess and a very cute T each for the boys. These will be used for our photo shoot on 1 December so I have not even showed them to the boys because C will go bananas when he sees his T shirt. It has an ink fish on and he has a total fascination with them and jelly fish at the moment - he even calls himself "Mommy's little green jelly fish. Naartjie has a buy two and get the second half price promotion hence I got quite a bit for our R 500,00.I also bought a swimming costume. The most dreaded shopping of the year done.
    The Naartjie batch
  • I also went to watch the boys swim in the morning - I never get a chance to see this and nope, not water safe as yet. But I do think C is on the brink of a breakthrough.
  • The afternoon I took the boys with the Princess to an art class. They sat through the talk but did not do the art project - it was offered to them but they ended up playing with two little girls, also younger sisters of the grade 1 band assembled for the art class. The had a little lecture about stained glass windows and made their own. 

  • I also made 3 of my Advent calenders on Friday morning (just have to complete and I will show you the pictures. One for our good friends S&I's kids,  one for the boys' teachers kids (as her teacher gift) and one for our sprogs of course. Anybody wants to make one this year and need the instructions/template?
  • I am enjoying listening to the new Mumford and sons CD Babel I borrowed from one of the staff members - thinking of buying it. Lovely version of Simon & Garfunkel's the Boxer on it
  • We are so happy with the Princess progress with her new swimming coach - the difference a coach can make is amazing. She was even showing off back stroke and some tumble turns on Sunday.
  • Mr L has been surprising us with sentences and observations we have not heard or seen before. Very exciting.
  • Mr C has at last discovered that the sprinkler is fun and is taking the water in the face part way better than before.
  • I got the photobook back that I made for the ballet teachers - a little 20 x 20 hard cover and I love the way it came out.
  • We delivered our two kid's presents at the church on Sunday - we did one Santas Shoebox kids this year (a girl aged 8) that the Princess helped to shop for and pack, and two little 6 year old boys from the Inner City Mission for the boys. I do hope our little contribution makes Melida, Bokomoso and Gradi's Christmas a whole lot nicer and happier. The boys' school also did Santa's Shoebox after hearing about the project from me and another mom - they pledged and collected 25 boxes - one for each family involved in the school. We helped out by adding items missing in boxes on the last day before they delivered.
  • I bought a box of 75 sheets of rainbow card stock - what a joy of shades of happiness for me. Totally something that turns on my happiness button. Made some Washi tape cards on Friday night. Can not wait to get my new Washi tape ordered from Pamela tomorrow.

  • I have received the name of the blogger whom I will be Secret Santa to. I love that I got someone I regularly read and "know" and whom I know reads here and not someone I had no clue who they were like last year. Very excited to shop for her.
  • I have been using the same Moleskine diary style for 5 years - but for next year I have converted to a different type - a month over two pages and two note pages following. The whole back part of the book is note paper. I think it will be perfect fro my house planning (business stuff now on the iPad) and it is exactly the size of an ipad - not too big.

  • BTW - have you seen the "A year in color" moleskine video?Have a look -it is stunning.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7Q9XvlMITrQ
  • And have you seen this one? Moleskines' take on paper notebooks vs smartphones - two of my favorite things.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4YeVxMNUmo8
  • We seem to have the projects or proposed projects streaming in at the moment. Wonderful! I am extremely grateful. But busy. 
  • Last but not least - apparently no one knows how to do scrambled eggs in the microwave. Mix eggs (broken), milk and some baking powder (optional but makes if nice and fluffy) in a deep microwaveable bowl. Pop on 100% power in the microwave. Depending on the amount of eggs say 3 to 5 minutes. You can stir in between to cook the middle bit sooner but about once is fine. Do wash the bowl immediately.
With that, I hope you have a great week ahead . Mine will be busy! And what do you use for a diary?


  1. Hi Cat I still have your instructions for an advent calender of last year. I want to do it again!
    You are so inspirational with all the creative things!
    That photo book looks gorgeous!

  2. I love these mish-mash posts, a little of this, a little of that.

    Can't wait to see the results of your shoot!

    I think you and I are the only two who still use paper diaries and online tools. I love love love my Legami diary from Italy. Just to touch it is heaven.... ;)

  3. Hi Cat.
    Thanks for the idea I will be doing microwave scramble eggs tomorrow. I love seeing all your arts and crafts your really are an inspiration.

  4. Yay for mental health days! I'm in desperate need of one myself. I wonder if planning would help me. I've never been one to do much planning, but I do love order...

    And can I tell you that I LOVE Mumford? My current favorite band. I do love banjos! All that folksy, tangy, goodness is too much for me. I just received my concert tickets in the mail! I feel like a teenager gawking over the latest heart throb, it's bad!

  5. Oh my gosh, no wonder you have to take a break now and again. Just reading your post and thinking back on the days of 5 kids and 24 hour busy days, wore me out! That insanity is for the youth but I must say, I miss every minute of it.

    I loved the stained glass art painting. What a great idea! And going now to check out the moleskin journals. I LOVE journals.

    1. And I am so totally not the youth any more. Makes me very tired

  6. I would love to take a sanity break and then go shopping with you. Wouldn't that be fun...I hate shopping on my own. Love the photo book you have made for the ballet teachers.

    1. Oh I would love to shop with you my friend

  7. Gosh! You've been busy! Lots of likes about your post today - the outfits you bought, the stained glass window is beautiful! I am bad when it comes to diaries, I just throw the little freebie from Woman and Home into my back to use when I remember! I LOVE the Moleksin journal though!

  8. Hi there, Cat. Sounds like you had a lovely Friday. Love Naartjie.. and I was so disappointed when my boys outgrew it. Your photo book looks great. I am about to collect my very first effort from the printers, I think I may be a closet scrapbooker! :-)

  9. I am taking a sanity day this Friday. I cannot wait! Love the photo book. I don't use a diary. I'm a notebook kind of girl and I use electronic media to remind me of specific dates like birthdays, appointments etc.
    Can't wait for photo shoot pics.

  10. That photo book came out lovely! I fully support sanity days when you need one (and sometimes just when you want one too). It's good to have some me-time.

  11. I'm glad you got someone who you read regularly. I have been assigned to someone that I have never read before. I'm on her blog every day to "get to know" her. It's very frustrating but I think I have somewhat an idea of what to get her.
    I'm glad that Mr L is surprising you all with new words and things every day. It's such an achievement for him. Great!

  12. ooohhh love the cards. So going to do that for the teacher cards!!!

    Haha I make microwave scramble eggs regularly :)

  13. Glad to hear such good things - especially a mental health day! We all need one of those once in a while. The photo book is beautiful!

  14. I'm crossing fingers that you are my Santa....It would mean the world to me. I got someone I don't know, but then again there's a lot of people on that list.


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