Saturday, 2 March 2013

Christmas catch up 2 - Christmas eve

I realize we are two months into the new year, but alas, a quick catch up post.

Christmas eve was spent with my mom and a family friend of ours that was working over the season but had his family at the seaside. The table was decorated in an African Christms theme with the centre piece of an African boabab wire tree and pottery angels made by the 3 kids. We had snoek and sweet potato for dinner and then opened presents. The biggest suprise to the 3 kids in general was the fishing rods which they just could not wait to use once we got to the sea.


It was a good, relaxing evening with happy kiddy faces. And I got my nifty fifty amongst other things, which I totally love! (Last 3 photos taken with it)


  1. I love seeing your decorations! You'll get a kick out of knowing that, just yesterday morning, B ran up to me with her drawing pad: "Mommy, look! I drew a baobab tree and a giraffe!" :) I got the girls the book "Hug Time" for Valentine's Day, and in it, the character travels all around the world. We just looked up all the animals and vegetation we didn't know. :)

    And kudos to you for posting these memories, even a couple of months "late". (It makes me feel better, as I'm just now finishing my photo book from Q3 LAST YEAR!) ;)

  2. Cool pics! We bought Joel one of those scooters too. A pink one because that was all that Makro had left! He doesn't care though. He LOVES his Father Christmas scooter.

  3. I love all the African themed Christmas goodies...and the table looked awesome too.

  4. Looks beautiful! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one behind in photo posting. ;-)

  5. You are great with the decorations! We bought a scooter for Mieka as well, and it is a fav plaything!

  6. Nice memories!!!! Love seeing the pictures, even if they were posted in June, memories still need to be relieved.

    PS: my christmas decor only came down at the end of Jan


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