Sunday, 3 March 2013

Christmas catch up 3

Christmas Father enjoyed his doughnuts, beer and Quality street and left stockings for the kids. It is the first year that A knew it's a myth and she played along so well for her brothers. 
Typical stocking contents (A's) - stickers, sugar cane, chocolate Christmas father, yo yo, one smallish toy (she got Barbie clothes, C a green shoulder buddy he wanted for ages and L a Hot wheels) and a DVD - mostly bought as we know it will keep them busy on the road down to the sea.

Christmas day was spent at home - we were way less people than we generally am ( only 7 grown ups and the 3 kids). We had leg of lamb, gammon and chicken pie with salads and roasted potatoes and my version of casata for desert.
The table was a very traditional white, green and red poinsettia inspired setting.

While taking my mom home we took a drive to Lawley street and saw the lights in the rain.

 It was a good Christmas and I loved being at home but I am looking forward to this year when we will not be hosting like we have done for the last 4 years.

I have to add justone picture from boxing day:

He had enough of photos


  1. Such lovely pics :)

    Christmas is definately my favourite time of year x

  2. I think my favorite pictures is the one where he is hiding behind the bear. Too cute. :)

  3. I loved this post and the previous Christmas one! Love the table settings for both - so beautiful!!!

    I also love the hiding pic the best (real life at its best)

  4. Beautiful photos Cat. I love the ones with the lights.

  5. Lovely :)

    Dont you just love Lawley street!!!

  6. Lovely photos - looks like a beautiful, relaxed Christmas celebration.

  7. Love all the photos in this post. Great memories was made here :)

  8. So glad you taking the time to share your Christmas - its always such a busy time and I often forget to blog it. The pictures speak of a really warm family time - riches ! I do love the one of you and H - such love there.

  9. Where do you get Barbie clothes sold separately? I've been looking EVERYWHERE. Gorgeous photos!

  10. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I love Christmas. The picture of the boys with their granny is just lovely. You know I went to both Lawley street and the Garden of lights twice, I just couldn't get enough of it :)

  11. Better late than never on the Christmas posts! I love L's new glasses!


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