Monday, 11 March 2013

Keep calm and get this week over and done with

It's that time of the year - the second last week of the term, the first netball friendlies and the yearly ballet concert - all in one week. So A has ballet practice tonight, tomorrow night and Wednesday (4 to 7 pm) Tomorrow they head straight from netball to ballet. Friday afternoon is dress rehearsal, with shows Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening. And  just to make sure that I do not get sloppy on the school stuff C also has photo day, a visit from the fire department and both he and A has fun day at school on Friday. Deep breaths people, deep breaths.

I guess and nice and calm weekend would have been a good idea to precede this hectic week, but alas, it was totally hectic.

Let me re-cap very very briefly:
Friday night - pizzas at home and relaxing.
Saturday morning - Hunter took the kids horse riding - I went with the bride and her mom (to what felt like the end of the earth) to buy the material and pattern for the Princess' flower girl dress - they are going to look so stinking cute and very stylish.
H drops A at my moms where she visits with another granny and her granddaughter for the day. These two are such great friends (as are the grannies)
I get home at about 11. I leave with our Lion to attend a wonderful Superhero party where he and his best bud M played and swam forever.
At the party I met Ben below, who I would take home any day .(He is a real charmer)
In the meantime Hunter and our Bear take a brief nap and at 2 head to a gymnastics party. He even gets the chance to hang tough.
After our party I rush to my mom to pick up A and at the same time get the measurements done to make her dress. We get home at about  4:00. At 5:30 we leave for dinner at friends - we have a great time and only leave at 11:30 by which time the Princess and friend A are both still awake and inventing their own ballet shows.
Sunday morning at 9 we attended our little friend C's Christening with the most gorgeous cake and a rather under the weather Lion.

We return home at about 12:30. At 2 pm our Lion is fast asleep and I leave with A and C to attend one of A's school friends party (we were all invited). Lovely relaxed party, the most fantastic fettuccine bollognaise I ever had and a pretty eco pool. At about 3:30 Mr L joins us - way better and ready to party.

We get home at 5:30, make dinner and put the kids to bed. And H and I do a major de clutter operation up to after 10 pm.

Ok, out of breath thinking of all we did. But alas, we survived, all partied out and happy to have done something at home. Sunday will be rest day. Major rest day.

So how was your weekend?


  1. Good luck with this hectic week to come. You all are going to be exhausted after this week.
    Love that photo of A and her brother on her lap.

  2. is L totally better now?

    YOur week makes me want to curl up in a ball on my bed and hide away!

    Take your vitamins, eat well - you're going to need it :) :)

  3. Our week is the opposite - no extra muruals except for therapy and english :) I am loving it already!!

    Good luck for your week - at least it is holidays next week!

  4. Sjoe. Lekker busy weekend. Gymnastics party sounds amazing! All the best for the coming week. xoxo

  5. I think I need a nap reading all that... GL surviving!

  6. That is one hectic weekend. Sounds like the kids have impressive social lives :)

    PS: I'd also take Ben home with me. Looks like a real sweetie.

    1. They have way better sopcial lives than their parents do. And he is just the sweetest boy

  7. What a great action shot in that last photo!

    It sounds like a hectically crazy time you're having - hope you get some downtime soon.

  8. oh wow - I would be dead! I need calm and lots of rest.

  9. I would not survive a weekend like that. SERIOUSLY! You are superwoman! After a weekend like that you need a holiday.

    Gorgeous photos my friend.

  10. Gosh what a jam packed and busy week-end!!! Looks like fun though if not totally exhausting. I love how you guys work as a team though! :)

  11. SERIOUSLY C, how do you juggle it all. I am tired just reading about all you have planned. I am taking deep breaths on your behalf.

    How has it been so far?


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