Friday, 8 March 2013

We all knew the day would come

When the twins were not both invited to the same party. I think the day arrives for every set of twins somewhere in their pre school years. It was inevitable this year, being in two grades and two classes. Up until now they were always invited, almost as a unit to school friends parties. So when Mr L came home with an invite 2 weeks ago I was almost relieved - he being older than his class mates and maybe slightly odd, has made the social inroad.

I try to get the kids to attend class mates parties for more than one reason - it is a way to socialize outside the class and to reinforce friendships formed there. I can see them interacting with their friends which gives me in turn an idea who to organize play dates with and to invite to their party. It also gives me the chance to observe the other kids and their parents and decide who I actually want to have my kids interact with.In addition I find allies in the class and grade amongst the moms- believe me, you need those as the years goes on more and more into Primary school.

So I arranged with H to do something with the other two siblings and RSVP for it. Two days later Mr C received and invite to one of his classmates party - two hours later on the same day. So Hunter will go with him to his party (a gymnastics one) and A will have some quality time with granny. What did amaze me is that they both just accepted naturally that the one will go and they will not go with. I think it is the clear division between friends that helped with this. Grateful that one issue I thought could pop up just didn't. A also has a party on Sunday afternoon but they invited the boys too (she has brothers of their age)

So let's talk gifts and cards. I buy batches of gifts - when I see something at a good price, I will buy a few, or when I need some gifts, I buy 3 more. So I keep an age appropriate stock of gifts in a box and wrap them when I need them. When they run out I fill with about 4 or 5 more of the same. I do buy special gifts for direct friends' kids or older or younger ones - but these are my "stock" class friends gifts. It saves me a lot of time.
At the moment the 8 year old girls get a sticker book (bought on sale at Exclusive books for about R25 less than the usual price), Disney Princess body wash and cream. The 5 or 6 year old boys get a great book (our favorite) and a sticker/work book -I bought a variety.

For cards I doodled the 3 ages we will have a lot this year, scanned them in and printed on white cardboard. I then add the child's name in a doodle. The kids will colour them in tonight for their friends. Cheap but very special.

Here's wishing you a great weekend - ours is going to be partyish busy ( we are also attending a Christening on Sunday morning)


  1. I LOVE photos like the last one - their personalities come out and it is just so great :)

    We actually haven't yet face 2 parties on one day - Kiara doesn't get invite to many but we do the drop and go thing now for the most part :)

  2. Shew .. sounds like a busy busy weekend ... I hope the children all have the best time at their parties. Its awesome when they accept that things are as they are.

    I'm rather envious of how organised you are - I used to be organised when I followed the Flylady system (and keep promising myself I'm going to get my act together) but fell off the wagon some time back.

    You inspire me.

    Have loads of fun

  3. I think it's wonderful how well the boys handled this. It's a sign that they're growing up, I think. What good idea on the gift bin!

  4. Your babies are growing up and learning to have separate identities, which I am sure makes any mother of twins very happy.

    You do have a great system in place for the gifts

    Hope you have a great weekend

  5. That's wonderful that they are handling separating like that without any anxiety.

    The doodles you did for them to color for their friends are so cute. That's such a nice idea.

  6. Right, I'm so proud of you for dealing with the different parties so nicely. So how did the weekend go? Crazy busy?

    I read this post on the run yesterday i think and was SUPER inspired this afternoon.

    I buy all the stuff when I see on special but sometimes they don't quite "go" together, you know? Like I have 10 colouring books, only 2 packs of crayons, etc. so I was ending up sometimes running out and having to get some more stuff anyway.

    So this afternoon I unpacked ALL the gift stuff and made the present piles. I found two books I forgot to give to my friends' kids last year - I even wrote in them... - and now I have one gift to add to, so I've started making a craft kit to go with that. I have 5 boy presents ready, 2 sets of twins presents and 4 girl presents. I feel awesome!!!!

    My kids were unleashed on cards, washi, etc. for cards but I LOVE your structured approach a bit more. I must see how I can "start them off" and then let them just colour in or embellish a bit.


    PS we need to meet at that Irene Market place. Yesterday's plan was fabulous with our friends - we went from 12 - 2, and then over to their place til 5. Home for supper and baths!

  7. I love the gift box ideas....going to have to put my arse in gear and get mine started

  8. I also stock up with gifts at one go, or when I see something on special. Makes it so much easier as the year goes on. I do something similar to your cards, but with bags for the gifts to go in. I just use plain white or brown bags, on which I draw the age of the child, their name, Happy Birthday and a small picture. I then let Little OL colour that in.

  9. You are so organized with the gifts! A very good idea!
    Love your doodle cards!

  10. It's so funny that you and Marcia wrote about this on the same day. ;-)

    Buying things in advance when they're on special seems like a pretty cool idea to me, I usually end up buying as the invites come through and it's always a mad rush.


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