Friday, 3 May 2013

As you get those golden days, you sometimes get golden weekends....

I am not talking about big one, holiday ones, being in exiting places, seeing new things. I am talking about those truly golden ones - just at home. Last weekend was possibly our best one ever to date. There was a glorious calmness over the household - maybe it had to do with the previous night's wedding and all that being done and over, possibly being a public holiday Saturday and no sports or urgent errands needing attention. Most probably it was because we chose to be relaxed, to give ourselves some time to rest. I think the attitude rubbed off on the kidlets. We will most certainly take a lesson from our own book for the future.
So Saturday was spent having a nice English breakfast at home prepared by Hunter on the gas braai. But mostly it was spent resting.

And like this: (gin and tonic for cousin A and me when she came to copy my photos of the wedding and hot chocolate for the kids)


Hunter was off to the rugby with visiting family here for the wedding and the kids and I collected pizza and watched a movie or two.On Sunday morning A just did not wake up on her own until very late and we decided to for once miss church. We had crumpets for breakfast and for the rest of the day :

The family Veterinary surgeon was in treating baby dolphins and puppies.

Mr C learned how to do a plaid (the coloured pipe cleaners worked so well - easy to work with and a colour sequence to remember)

 Mr L rediscovered his sticker book.

On impulse we packed a few picnic things and headed for a park with lovely bicycle paths and lots of stunning autumn trees.

 Where the puppies had just as much fun as the rest of us had
 Where lots of cycling happened.

Rugby and hockey was practised

 And a lot of fun was had in the Autumn leaves. All totally for free.

Afterwards we had home made burgers for a very late lunch/dinner and a swim at the gym. It was a great great weekend. Simply golden.
This weekend has a very busy Saturday. Lets hope we can find the golden somewhere once again.

So do tell me which picture is your favorite.(Mine is Lthrowing the ball for puppy M and the very first one)

(BTW I have added a Project Life post here )


  1. I love how focused and excited the puppy looks in the picture where L is throwing the ball! Too sweet.

    I love when we get to just have a calm relaxed day and savor all the little moments.

  2. These photos just make me feel happy. I love golden days like that.

  3. The second leaf pic and the boys in the leaves.

    I drove to work this morning past a big field of leaves like that and promised myself to take the kids back there to lie in the leaves so i could take pics!

    1. Oh do- it is such great fun and a wonderful photo oppertunity

  4. Hi Cat You make Autumn look like the best season of the year! :-)
    Love the pics of the kids rolling in the leaves!!

  5. Sounds like a blissful weekend. Nothing beats taking time out and just chilling. I love the boy/dog shot. I have also got that ball thrower but in red... it works a treat. Hope this weekend is just as good. :)

  6. Looks like an amazing weekend. Wish our dogs would let us have a relaxing picnic with them around!!

  7. What a fantastic weekend! Lovely park

  8. My favourite is the leaf angel in progress - so cute!

  9. Hoe lus voel ek nou vir 'n Gin & Tonic :)
    Love that your weekend was spent mostly with family and movies. We too had it like this with movies :)

  10. Sounds divine! LOVE the close up of all those leaves and also love the one of the leaf angel in process ;)


  11. Sometimes we just need a time-out. We had a Pj's weekend a while ago - absolute bliss.
    I've given you a shout out and please feel free to use the badge courtesy of Reluctant Mom.

  12. It's so good to sit and have some quiet time to catch up on your blog. I can't get over how much your family has grown! It looks and sounds like a perfect weekend. Hugs from CALI!

  13. Love the leaf angel photo!

    I miss having a park close by! There is something so magical about it

  14. I love the one of A and Dad and the one of L lying in the leaves. LOVE weekends like this. Need one ASAP.


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