Thursday, 20 June 2013

So what's new?

 Being very busy at work certainly is not.
Being busy at home also not.
It's just life - and at times it gets a bit more hectic than at others.
But we are going along as per usual.
We did have a few highlights though - of which Fathers day is the biggest.
Hunter was spoiled with lots of little art works, a bit of chocolate and a gift or two. Most of all - we tried to make his day the best possible. I know I have said it a million times before but I could not have wished for a better father for my children and partner in life.

I really want to share some of the photos I took to make Hunter a Fathers day card (got the beards and speech bubbles etc as a freebie on the Internet).I really adore the ones of the puppies - I am sure if they could speak those would have been their chosen words.

We also had a lovely public holiday on Monday where I cooked 3 meals and my great Pea and ham soup (anybody wants the recipe?) which will server for most lunches the next week or so. I do love soup for lunch in winter.I have realized that by cooking enough meals for the week nights really makes all the difference. We also played in the park and had all sorts of other fun like a birthday party for one of A's stuffed kittens, making faerie gardens and working in their new Depeche books.For those who do not know it is the people that make those wonderful Top Model books for girls - I found cars for the boys on the same concept and doggies to dress for A. They literally spent hours with them over the weekend, being creative and learning. Totally well spent money.

We also completed the bulk of the painting of the inside of the house. Hunter did so much work on this - it has taken a lot of time and energy but it looks awesome.

And to get that suspense thing sorted out from last week:

Jip, I did it. Got back in the saddle. Boy my heart beat at 220 bpm at times especially when I had to canter for the first time. Thanks to my wonderful hubby who arranged everything and took this great picture (and many more). You can hardly show your fear of riding if all 3 the kids do it every week.... (ok I know my feet are not correct but its been a couple of years)

PS Project life post up at Captured by Cat


  1. Your fathers day sounds lovely and those bubble are the cutest! I also did meal making on monday for the week and it really does make a difference! Have an awesome rest of the week!

  2. Ooooo, how great that you got back in the saddle. I can see the pure bliss on that face of yours on the photo :)

  3. LOVE the photo of YOU on the horse!!! HOw awesome :)

    Meal planning and cooking in bulk is one of my secrets to a nice evening :) :)

  4. I love the photos of all your children (those fur children as well). What a stunning photo H took of you on the it.

  5. So much accomplished! Well done on the ride ... you're brave. My happy place is in Assegay with my Dad and the horses ... but I don't ride :) By the way .... would LOVE your pea and ham soup recipe!

  6. Way to go Cat! Look at you riding - awesome! :-)
    I really like that picture of your Hunter with the three children too, very sweet.

  7. Great photos! Stunning that you are back in the saddle!

  8. Well done for getting back on the horse!

  9. Well done you for horse riding again!!

  10. Nice post, Cat. Yes please.... I would like your recipe for pea and ham soup! :) Not sure how to give you my email address privately... are you able to message me via ?

  11. You look right at home on that horse, wow! You clearly know what you are doing.
    I love how you guys make things like father's day so spacial, you have an amazing family.

  12. Stunning photos!! Congrats on the riding thing - I used to ride too, but gave up when I fell off the day before I found out I was pregnant with Jake. Now I'm just a nervous wreck on a horse! Please share your soup recipe, we LOVE soup in winter!!

    Sue X


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