Monday, 24 June 2013

In 8 minutes time...

I am off home, to wait out the last few hours before 3 little ones see their Ouma and Oupa from Port Elizabeth. The excitement is as thick as toffee in the household.

We had a great weekend - one where Hunter did a heap of work in the house, and I did my part too. One where after a visit to the doctor on Friday night a certain Mr C is way better today.One where a wayward gate motor had us frustrated. One where the Springboks defeated the bad boys of rugby Samoa and one where 3 kids entertained themselves for a Sunday. Although they played together so well for most of the day, the also had their moments that they split into what is possibly more girl vs boy stuff.

So let me share their creative play - the boys made a fire truck with their two Ybikes and garden hose trolley.

A little house for Lemee the Lemur and baby Moya - made in a photo copy paper box with beds and table from muffin holders and lamp from straws and cupcake holders.

So, how was your weekend? And looking forward to anything?


  1. LOVE the creativity. I seriously do love it :)

  2. Love the creativity as well :)
    How was that moment when the children met up with ouma and oupa again? Makes me smile when I think about it.

  3. Hahaha! That fire truck is awesome! Enjoy the Ouma and Oupa visit.
    Our weekend was good (but you already saw that). at the moment all things are abuzz with preparations for my brother's wedding in September. I actually can't get through a week without my mom asking my opinion about something or another for the wedding...;-)

  4. Kiara also counts the seconds until she sees my mom :) Enjoy the visit.

    we had a great weekend. That little house is something Kiara would (and has) built - love creative play like that!

  5. I love how creative your children think. So different from many modern kids these days. I love the last photo.

  6. I love the "fixed" glasses. Real boy glasses!

    1. They also seem to really do well with the rough and tumbleness of boys

  7. Gorgeous photo! Bean has also been sick, so not nice for them when they are:-( It is weekend again, yay! I hope you have a good one:-)


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