Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Of thunder and adrenaline filled 6 year olds

Last night we had our first wonderful big thunder storm for summer. It was glorious - rain pouring down in buckets accompanied by lightening and thunder. I was helping at the grade 0 class getting 22 5/6 year olds ready for revue - make up, hair etc, and then the rain came filling the little people with some additional adrenaline on the already filled little bodies. But is was such fun getting them ready, laughing as we rushed them through the rain to the hall and watching them backstage performing. I am amazed at how independent these little ones are - how they know exactly where to be, what to do and where to go. I was also taken by the little gentlemen our boys are - after rushing through the rain the kids were all a little chilly waiting under the canopies to go on stage. 10 of the little boys (including Mr C) have towels as props for their number and soon enough they each had a towel wrapped around a cold little girl and none on themselves.

We are hearing great things about the revue and I am totally looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.


  1. Cute cute cute!

    So wish we would have a giant thunderstorm here. We are desperado!

  2. So cute!!! I love that the boys put their towels around the girls. Real little gentlemen.Our school play is only in November but its always in German and a drama. I much prefer the idea of a revue like we used to do in high school. Sorry about the strange blog I am posting from. It's my Blogger account.

    1. We only have one every 4 years (and thank goodness because it is 8 shows long!) so they make it worth it.

  3. They are so cute. I loved the thunder as well last night but it didn't rain that much where I stay :(

  4. LOVE the makeup :) I absolutely loved the rain... not the hail so much because I was driving in it!

  5. That rain was so awesome. I love how every year we wait for those first rains :-)

  6. So cute!
    We also loved the rain. We want some more!
    Our concert is next week. It is going to be three days of very busy!

  7. That is very cute! Hope it all goes well.

  8. So sweet. You are raising them right...and here is the proof.


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