Monday, 21 October 2013

The last few weeks

Really just rushed by, filled with the school revue mainly, but so much more. I am totally overwhelmed by trying to cover everything that happened so let me just share a few moments:

Pretoria is all purple and pretty right now - and I have the hayfever mixed with a cold to show for it.
 We went to a Dumbo themed birthday party and got a fun family shot as a result.

 A little man C learned that it's more fun to jump into the pool than to climb into it.

My wonderful MIL visited us over the revue period and I truly have no idea how we would have handled those 2 weeks without her help.  In return she fulfilled a bucket list item in seeing Pretoria's Jacarandas in bloom.

The boys had a Horse farm themed birthday party which was hot, windy and filled with laughing, running, jumping dirty kids. By all accounts every single little person enjoyed it and fell asleep very early that night.

The school revue (musical production) really took my breath away - I could not believe what they managed to accomplish with every single child in the school. It is the school's 60th birthday this year and they did an oversight of the last 60 years in news, school news and music. You all know "itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini that Mr C took part in but the Princess' number may be unfamiliar - have a listen here:

Mr L got funky new glasses - just slightly different in shape and colour than his previous pair but the same nice and sturdy frames.

 On Friday the Princess danced her grade 2 RAD ballet exam - the girl's hair was so beautiful and a bonus this year that she danced in the same group as 3 of her very best friends.

 And on Friday morning Mr L was the last of our kids to loose a baby tooth - and the very first to do it all by himself! Now we have 3 kids with loose teeth - the tooth mouse /tooth fairy (depending on the child ) is going to be very busy!

So that's most of our news - what's happening in your corner of the world?


  1. ag, such lovely pics!

    Love the Jacaranda shot and the family one - beautiful!

  2. Your tooth mouse/fairy needs to keep a secret stash of moolah there somewhere - you never know when these things are going to pop out! ;-)

    The party was loads of fun, thans for inviting us. Nicola was asleep before we even hit a tar road.

    1. It was so special to have you two there - from so far away.

  3. Oh my gosh! How do you not fall asleep early each night!? That family shot is awesome.

  4. I love to see your news in captured images. I love the Family photo and I "need" to see the Jacarandas in bloom too. And so the year speeds to an end...I have my seat belt on because of the speed ;-)

  5. Isn't our city looking beautiful!!! Loving it!

    We have a dance concert this year - she isn't doing exams now but is dancing in the concert but it is just one night.

    Lots of parties in your neck of the woods :))

  6. You have been busy! I don't know about you, but this year has been crazy ~ my fastest year yet! Love all your photos. All good down in Durbs. We are heading off for a grownups weekend in Nov, can't wait! :)

  7. I'm sad I'm missing all the purple this year. I always look forward to it. Simply stunning. Glad your wonderful MIL got to fulfill a bucket list item.

    Love the family picture.

    And you are one busy mama, so much going on

  8. I'm ready for this year to be done quite honestly. It's feeling like 2011...but worse.

    Love all your photos - the skirt and hair do are SUPER AWESOME.

  9. The Jacarandas are in full bloom here in Brisbane, Australia too. They are stunningly beautiful this year - the warm, dry winter has been good for them, apparently.

    Your daughter's character skirt is very pretty. Much nicer than our plain white ribbon around the bottom. We hire the skirts from the ballet school in order to keep costs down. Do you have to buy your own?

    1. We buy or have ours made but the school has an exchange scheme where we can swop when they get too small. We also make them with adjustable waists to keep a few years and a big seam. The girls enjoy putting their skirts "together" and it makes a pretty display

  10. With all these photos, I can see why you have been busy and feeling overwhelmed. But with all that have been happening, you can be sure that you all made some wonderful memories though :)

  11. Great catching up here! Love the photos!
    The revue and ballet looks like a lot of fun and so pretty! I could not open the video (?)

  12. Wow! You've been so busy!! I have been slightly bad in checking my blogs, life is beyond busy. Love the family photo, you look great and love the birthday party - you always got to so much trouble. Looks like it's been a fun-filled busy time for all. Oh and love the jacarandas! I've also never seen them. Sure I'd be sniffing and sneezing like you!!

    Sending love and wishes for a quieter weekend X

  13. I absolutely LOVE the ballet skirts and the beautiful trees!

    After last year's drama, I wasn't sure whether to be sad or relieved that my Sarah chose to do gymnastics instead of dance. She seems very happy with her choice and I'm VERY relieved to have no drama about it this year. It sometimes makes me cringe and worry in ways that dance did not...but she's always been our adventurous one!

  14. Ah. Stunning pictures. I LOVE the family shot. Different but awesome. Looks like a divine time was had at the birthday party. LOVE it. Must say I'm REALLY feeling the rush too. The last term is my worst!


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