Thursday, 31 July 2014

Books, again. This time for the kids.

The lovely people at Butterfly products sent us 4 lovely books to review. We love to review things but most of all we love books. We read them at home and then I went ahead and sent the books onto the respective teachers - grade 3 (Times table), grade 1 (Adding up and Taking away) and grade 0 (In the Beginning).
 The first 3 books all work on the same principle - the sum in printed with a ? in the window. I gave the kids a sheet of paper folded in the length on which they wrote their answers. They then pulled down the tab to reveal the answers. They really enjoyed working this way. Both teachers agreed that this was a wonderful tool to reinforce these mathematics basics and added that it would especially help those kids that may not enjoy reviewing the work in the normal way.
 The most popular book however was the wonderfully illustrated " In the beginning" Before I could send it on to school the kids actually had a fight about who gets to take it to read in bed at night. So it took 3 nights before we could part with it for a day or 2.

What I loved about it was that it gives the most popular stories in Genesis each enough space to tell it well enough - other than most children's Bibles that tell these stories very briefly. For instance the story about Noah and the Ark is told over 4 double pages in 4 episodes.

The teacher was totally swept away by the children's enthusiasm for the beautiful illustrations. She mentioned that they all loved it and asked to look at it again and again. She also loved the length of each story saying that it was ideal for that level of school - long enough but not too long.

Below is my favourite illustration from the book (Wonderful World) and Mr L our grade 0's favourite (A Brand new Start) to show just how beautiful they are.

Butterfly books are sold at Makro, Pick n Pay and Dischem and at various mall retailers.

Disclaimer - we were sent the books by Butterfly products to review and keep.


  1. Pragtige boeke...dis al wat ek deesdae vir my kleinkinders koop vir geskenke...ek hoop om by hulle 'n liefde vir boeke te kweek.

  2. oo nice - I'm a bit of a book addict. Even at pick n pay they have books now and I often chuck one in the trolley! So I'll look out for that "in the beginning" one.

  3. Nice! Thank you! Will keep a look-out for them.


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