Friday, 22 August 2014

I have never been so happy about a second hand pair of socks (or the day I almost cried when I was given a pair of second hand socks)

I could write a book about the little things that we as moms stress over. The things that seemed HUGE at the time but may not have been. The ones that send us into a frenzy of panic and searching. This morning was a classic.

So A last played a hockey match before the swim camp two weeks ago. After the hockey I took her hockey clothes with me (in my hands not a bag) to the car and we left. Pan on one week and on Monday I saw that there was only on hockey sock in her drawer. I immediately knew I had only myself and possible the Bermuda triangle for socks to blame for this one and not a 9 year old. (I have on a sideline totally reached my capacity for lost things at school this year. Grade 1 is always tough - they are bound to loose things. We are one school jersey down - the rest we found after a lot of time and effort). So I knew that it will cost me a new pair of socks this morning.

I sent A to the school's own supply shop and none to be found. I then drove to the retail supplier but nothing but the tiniest socks that I am sure a 3 year old will not fit into, never mind a very tall 9 year old. So I though I will try the school shop again - maybe she has bigger/smaller sizes? But nothing! Not a sock to be found. At this stage I phoned home and asked our helper to literally take the house apart in the hope of finding the missing sock. I had thoughts as to who stopped playing hockey or who had many kids and may have a spare pair to borrow....and then the lady that runs the school's shop said, "Wait a minute" and started digging in a plastic bag behind the counter. And produce a rather run down but perfectly legal pair of hockey socks!I was close to tears. Turns out a family that moved donated clothes to the clothes bank but the shop have not had the time to send it over.

So today I almost cried when I got that second hand pair of socks. And realised once again that maybe I bring this upon myself? Should have carried that clothes in a bag? Should have gone to the shop on Monday? Alas, if I went on Monday I would not have came home with new socks and still not have had that pair of second hand socks.


  1. :) this made me smile!

    If they don't have the official socks, can they wear any socks?

    1. Nope - you are representing your school so you should be in full school gear for whichever sport you are doing

  2. We do stress about strange things but it's ok you're a mom! And I can see you're really trying to do your best!!

  3. What is it about socks? The bane of my life!

  4. lol for the Bermuda triangle bit! Happens to the best of us :-)

  5. I had to laugh at the Bermuda triangle of missing socks. Kobus says he us convinced that the lint in the tumble drier is made up of disintegrated socks :-P

  6. I laughed at this post but I'm glad you found a solution , imagine having to tell A she can't play because of a sock!

    And Lynette's comment made me LOL

  7. Gosh! This sounds so familiar.

  8. The little things... That means so much! Glad you found a pair!

    We are also always checking the school bag for missing clothes, and digging through that piles of clothes at school. Never ending!


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