Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Oh my word it's August!

The year has sped by with the speed of light. It mulberry tree has tiny little leaves, the jasmine bush at the back of the house is flowering and outside my office window this little guy is going all out building a nest for the new babies of Spring.

It has me thinking of all I wanted to do this year. How most of what I wished and planned for fell away with the package we got for 2014. We really have had a tough year - sick grandparents, my operation, uncertainty and choices for Mr L. But maybe putting some out there will help and get me motivated to re-look at them.

I am sad to say that I got very very far behind with Project Life in the 6 weeks I was basically without a right hand. I have no notes from then, but at least plenty of photos. I am planning to just start with this week and then keep up and catch up as I can.

It has been years since I have not completed a single book for a month. But sadly so July 2014 was that month. It's not that I did not read, it's just that I am busy with 4 books at the moment and did not complete a single one. I also find myself sleeping as much as I can.  And we were in Port Elizabeth for the first week - generally I try to read more over the holidays but circumstances were totally contrary to having quiet time to read.

Do something creative, maybe paint again or something like that. Hm, huge fail. But one I do intend to address.

Take some family photographs of friends to fuel my photography passion. Did not happen - but maybe my now replaced camera can fuel this idea. It's a question of finding time over the weekends.

Spend some time with my hubby - a date night or two. This is also not as I would have wanted to but we did have a short one in PE and short coffee ones here.

Organize and beautify the house - ahem yes nowhere near, but we have done a bit. Hubby has been a great partner in this.

Meet up with friends more - total total miss on this one. I need to think about lunchtime week dates as that is possibly all that can work.

So in summation I need time - possibly the one thing we all have in the shortest supply. I tend to go to bed earlier in winter - I feel I need more sleep and boy do I love sleep.

So what were you hoping to do this year and what did you actually manage to do?


  1. Great photo!
    Time... such a precious commodity! We are also struggling to get to everything we want to do!

  2. If only we could buy more time... or slow it down... I find that each year is busier than the next one and I have even less time for "stuff" :)

  3. That is an awesome photo. I am just starting out on my photography journey so will look to you for inspiration! Life never happens the way we plan!! Have you read, 'Good Morning, Mr Mandela'? I finished it on the plane.... got some odd looks as I couldn't stop crying! :)

    1. Thanks! It's in our bookclub - am waiting my chance to read it. Actually just found myself crying lunchtime reading The One plus One

  4. What a lovely photo.

    I haven't done half the things I'd planned/hoped to do. Sleep-deprivation is my enemy, alas.

  5. love that photo too - your new camera's beautiful!!! :)

    there is really only ONE thing that I wanted (it was on last August's birthday list and I stopped myself from putting it on today's list) that I still don't have. Yes, the elephant in the room :)


  6. Lovely photo!
    If you are leaning to crochet, that is a good way to get some of the creativity thing out. It has been my saviour when I felt stifled in the office or when Honeybear was younger and there was no way I could feel comfortable doing a craft with needles, scissors, paint.

  7. I love the photo...the weavers in our area are a bit confused and started building nests more than a month ago. Roll on summer!

  8. How do you even know the name of all those trees! Beautiful bird, lovely picture

    Read more - but I've not done so between getting home late and having to take care of K not muh reading has happened here.

    PS: in case you need to "test" your new camera and need subjects we are always available for pictures :) :)


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